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Saturday, March 28, 2009

You are not prepaired...

Preparation for Ulduar non stop hardcore raiding.

So Ulduar is coming in a few weeks. We plan to be raiding whenever enough people are online to do so. No set times, just whenever possible. Subbing people in and out.
This means there is not much time to grind and prepare for a raid in between, unless you are frequently online during the day or late.
I am starting a new job (though part time) soon and I have other work beside that. So not many long nights ahead and playtime during the day is cut too.
So... I prepared myself:

This is my own bank-alt's guildbank btw.
Since the flasks are gonna change (2 flasks for the same mats, lasting only 1 hour) I haven't crafted them yet. I have been told you can change the old flasks for new ones once 3.1 hits, but still. I rather keep the ingredients ready.
A small 300 speed potions, about 130 armor potions and mats for 40 1h AP and 40 1h health flasks (filled the non-full stack of frost lotus to 20 at this point).
For food I have dumped materials in our guildbank to make 80 fish feasts. Next to that I fished 400 Dragonfin Angelfish. Took me 5.5 hours btw. Now I have 240 agility food ready and waiting (had 40 left) and I have some strength food too.
When I get new gear it will need gems and enchants. So instead of selling them I have a stack of about 10 to 14 of each kind of rare gem (uncut) lying around and if some nice craftable leather items drop (when they are not BoP), I have between 30 and 60 eternals of each kind too. I am an enchanter so my enchanting mats are plenty too. I got leg enchants lying around and enough frost oil for the inscriptions on shoulders (I am inscriber).

So yeah... I am prepared...

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