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Monday, March 16, 2009

Will the real Twilight Opal please stand up...

The Shifting Twilight Opal will be available in 3.1

Blue sockets for bear usually hold stamina, for cats you can often find a green stamina & hit or crit gem. But what if you have too much stamina already as bear, or are already hitcapped for cat?
Bears you were "forced" to take 8 dodge rating & stamina and cats usually have 8 str + stamina. The thing we really want there is agility (at lest for cat in 3.1.) I think it is even more frustrating for rogues. Agility and stamina gem was there on wowhead and in rawr and that was frustrating since there is no recipe for it yet.
In 3.1 there is! Shifting Twilight Opal can be purchased for only 3 daily tokens. So if you are a JC, have some purple gems on the side and 3 tokens ready. Sell them for a lot on the AH!

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