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Saturday, March 14, 2009

PTR news: Swipe roundhouse kick

On the previous posts I discussed Swipe. Some new news is out on that.

Quick update: Swipe (bear) now goes 360 degrees. There is a bug that its range is reduced and it no longer chains to targets up to 10 yards away. If it indeed is a bug, once fixed swipe has become in my opinion the best aoe tanking ability of all tanks. We'll get other classes complaining about that!

The rage of swipe will be 8 yards. So similar to other tanking aoe effects.


  1. Not sure how what I think about this. I still enjoy (as do party members) using CC instead of the "mass burn down" approach. My bear tank has a decided advantage here, cause I can simply put my butt next to the sheep and swipe away.

    Probably not a big deal, really; I'll just move them further. Plus I go ahead and glyph that 'maul hits an extra target glyph'...finally.

  2. I am amazed you were able to last that long without maul glyph. It is the nr1 tanking glyph imo.

    And indeed, if you swipe the cc targets just yell at the mages that they did not sheep soon enough! ;)