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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First post

The first post describing what the blog will be about.


Hey you people out there. I am sure nobody is reading this now but hopefully in the future some will. And I hope you like it.
A kinda faq below here ;)

What is this place about?

For random people looking here, this blog is about World of Warcraft, druids in peticular. I choose the name because it is a talent used by every type of druid, balance, feral or resto. At least I think it should be if it isn't part of your talent spec (current 3.0.8 talent tree of course).

Why did I start this blog?

I have been reading a couple of druid blogs. Kalon/Kalbear's ThinkTank. Shamad's Lazy Bear Musings and Karthis' Of Teeth and Claws.
After reading their posts I feel inspired to write something myself. I usually write a big story on their blog but I rather post it here and collect my idea's, thoughts and experiences as a druid.

What will the content of this forum be?

Mostly my idea of how I view things considering feral druids. I am currently feral and intend to stay so (after being resto for 3 years). I am not excluding anything but this blog will mainly about feral things.
It will contain my views on changes, gears, tools and the development in the game. It will also contain stories about things I experience in the game; personal and guild achievements, new boss encounters and bosskills.

Who am I?

I am Monedula of Defias Brotherhood, EU. Defias Brotherhood is an RP-PVP server that is not really great overall in progress. However I am in the nr2 horde raiding guild on the server, and nr3 overall, called The Esoteric Foundation. We don't really have a website but you can read about us on the public section of the forum if you wish.
I will post some more stuff about me later.

Well if you have any more questions post em and I will try answer them. Enjoy!

PS. I will try to change the layout of this blog soon.


  1. Love the blog so far. Keep it up!

  2. Hey David. Thanks for posting. I have a lot of idea's left to post. Will have a little bit less time this week but will try to make some new ones for ya ;)