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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here I am to save the day - an epic story

A story about a disastrous battle versus Kel'Thuzad whit a happy ending; starring Monedula.

Ok, time for a first druid post. Not as much a post about tanking or dps, theorycrafting or mechanics, but a story of a fight verses Kel'Thuzad on Naxxramas 25 man. that happened about a week ago.

First of all you must know that our tactic on Kel'Thuzad makes use of 3 tanks. One maintank, and 2 offtanks. Could be done with 1 offtank, but having 2 offtanks means, first of all, it is easier to pick up the 4 scarab-like adds and thus less raid damage. Second, tanks are melee and that would endanger the maintank and other melee on Kel'Thuzad in case of a frostblast. We don't need the extra dps that much either. Third, it is easier to heal 2 tanks then 1 getting double damage.

My roll was that of an offtank. A Deathknight was the maintank. A paladin was the other offtank. We started out fine but at 50% something went wrong. I don't know what exactly but our Deathknight maintank died. Me and the Paladin both went to get Kel'Thuzad and the Paladin won. So I went to give a combat ress to the Deathknight. Both me and the Deathknight went back to the entrance of the chamber waiting for the adds.

The adds came. I was comfortably tanking 2 of them and the same goes for the Deathknight. Again however something went wrong. This was a real disastrous try. Definitely the worst one since we first cleared Naxxramas. What exactly went wrong, I again don't know but the Paladin died. Kel'Thuzad had no tank. Again, now dragging the scarab adds, me and the deathknight raced for Kel'Thuzad. Again I lost, that is to say, the Deathknight taunted first.

Now I realized we had a Deathknight without any buffs tanking 2 adds and Kel'Thuzad. He is very well geared but I would rather have me tanking all the adds then have those on our Deathknight. So I started taunting the adds from the Deathknight. Being in a corner, to prevent people dying from frostblast that might land on me, was not that easy. I got one and hit him a few times. That time the Deathknight died again. Disaster!

Now we had Kel'Thuzad focussing on healers and dps and also a scarab around. At this point I forgot I had an aoe taunt ability (which is not something you use often) and I single target taunted Kel'Thuzad. Went to tank him and started looking for the loose scarab. Once I had targetted him I saw him making a pretty angel out of a holy priest and then I taunted him and he came to me.
I was swiping to get overall agro, and then targetted Kel'Thuzad again. I realized he was out of range and I had lost agro. Luckily he had targeted a rogue who for a few moments was evasion tanking Kel'Thuzad. Taunted again and started swiping and throwing everything at them.

So there I was, Kel'thusad at 20% health with him hitting me, aided by his 4 scarab adds. Half the raid was lying dead on the floor. I used every cooldown I had and I am glad our healers are sublime! Finally the evil bastard died!

It was the most fun I could ever have on what would have otherwise been a pretty boring fight. Everyone else hated it, I loved it! I Love tanking!


  1. I love reading stories as these, this is what makes playing wow and especialy a ferral (off)tank so precious to me.

    I had a similar experience yesterday with one exeption - me having dinged 80 that same day and being in a 10 man raid and kitty specced (just had to MT Patchwerk and one of the minibosses before Thadius).

  2. Hey anon, thanks for posting. I hope I'll have a lot more epic stories in the future for you to enjoy!