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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Monedula the achievement-whore...

First of all welcome to all the new people viewing my blog. I hope you like it and stick around. Thanks to Karthis for that referral.

So achievements. before 3.0 they were there already. At least for me to keep things interesting. A few achievements I went for in TBC;
  • Killing a lot of bosses
  • Getting a full feral set (next to my resto set)
  • Getting all enchants available
  • Leveling alts to become fully self sufficient (not needing to buy anything from AH).
  • ...and a few more
Never fully completed those self made achievements. I am still missing a few TBC enchants for instance and never gotten further then T4 in feral gear.

Now there often are rewards for achievements and the DING: "you completed the achievement" is nice. It however made me into an achievement-whore. Since armory tracks your achievements is possible to read the information and use that to compare achievements to other players. There are a couple of sites like this, I am sure. I don't know them though, but I do know this site: Achievements Database, which tracks all information for my Realm, Defias Brotherhood.
It is run by the nr1 guild on my server, Revelations, an allied guild, and it is maintained by the biggest achievement-whore on the server, Slidor, nr 1 on the list with a total (at the moment) of 7,325 achievement points. Of course he is in Revelations and I must say that helps a lot.
I myself can currently be found at place 59 with 5,805 points.

The fun thing about this site is that you can see if you were first to complete something or maybe within the first 50, which is still an awesome achievement if your server has 5000 registered characters. It also shows how far you are on achievements. For example, I was nr 6 on the server to do every achievement in the quest section. It is an epeen enlarger, an ego booster and something fun besides the game itself. It is there to fight boredom.

If you ever wonder why newer games are not as popular as WoW and seem to fail, it is because Blizzard is awesome in making us into addicts. Achievements are like drugs. I am not a crack-whore, I'm an achievement-whore. And I am proud of it! ;)


  1. Personally I find all except the raiding achievements to be a waste of my time, and really don't do them.

    I also take issue with people who 'sully' their raiding record by going back to do raids/instances they never did at the appropriate level, and then somehow claiming that they are "Outland Raiders" (or whatever) because they did so. Blech.

    Sorry to be a party pooper here - but I just don't see the allure.

  2. is a good site for achievement whore e-peen comparing >.>

  3. I'm pretty proud of my Chef title!

    You are far beyond me in points, but I love getting the achievements.

  4. One good side effect of the achievement system is it gives newer players access to the assistance of experienced players.

    Leveling areas and old content are barren wastelands now, have been for a long time. Newer players now have a better chance of seeing some content now they wouldn't otherwise manage, because experienced raiders are going back and hitting that content for the achievement.

    Even with a good guild, newer players would have a hard time hitting some old instances like ST or Strat or hitting UBRS or MC without the old hands going back to them for achievement purposes.

  5. well there is ideed a achievement that has the name druid al over it,
    the guardian of cenarius is realy a must for every druid, same as the argent champion for pally's