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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some more talent changes

Latest PTR patchnotes include some more changes for feral druids.

  • Rend and Tear now increases the critical strike chance of your Ferocious Bite ability on bleeding targets by 5/10/15/20/25%. (Down from 10/20/30/40/50%)
  • Primal Tenacity now reduces fear effects duration and damage taken while stunned while in Cat Form only.
What does that mean? We can stack up to 75% crit now! The 1st soft cap at 50% for FB has gone up to 75%. The other soft cap for glancing blows (which as I understand it can not crit) is at 76.something%. They are closer together though I doubt any druid will ever get to that percentage this expansion. It seems more like a pvp nerf.
Also with dual speccing Rend and Tear in catform might not be worth it anymore. I don't have the time to do the math though, but we might look at spending those 5 talentpoints somewhere else (if there is such a place). Then again I suspect us being able to do a lot more FB during a bossfight then we do now with the new glyphs and the new 4t8 bonus. That would increase the value of Rend and Tear.

On a somewhat positive note, for PVE that is, there is no longer the odd choice to take 3 talent points in Primal Tenacity when tanking. Those few fights in which you could be stunned you won't be asked to respec and take those 3 talents (in case of progress raiding). It is now purely PVP.


  1. You have to fill up Rend and Tear for Primal Gore anyways, so still worth it imo.

  2. Ah yes I totally forgot about the 20% extra Shred damage. So yeah we will need it.
    *slaps himself and hopes the pain will remind him to check full description next time*

    Well I think we can take a small dps nerf in 3.1 next to all bonusses we get.