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Friday, March 20, 2009

Immortal not far away - a fail story

We tried an immortal run this week. We didn't get it but it was not far away.

We tried to casually do an immortal run. It was our first serious try. We didn't expect to be able to do it. But we would try our best at least.

We started out on Razuvious and there was some interruption of the MC which killed someone. That meant full reset. Run out, reform the raid with a new leader and go back in. Try him again. Downside, you have to clear all trash again. This time fill military quarter went without death.
The construction quarter was next. At Thaddius we used to have lost of disconnect at times. Now one of our more stable raiders (who disconnects seldom), which is nearly everyone really, now disconnected. So we quickly adjusted and moved to the sides. This unfortunately coincided with a polarity shift. While I am using DBM that gave me a huge warning, stopped running to the sides and crossed over diagonally... some others didn't I think. They realized too late their polarity had shifted and they died. The disconnecting hunter survived the whole fight...
We went on and because of kidding around some people died. For instance on Noth I saw a mage had agro (living bomb) and he did not get into the paladin's consecration. If I would have been in bearform (which I would have been was it still immortal, take no risks!) I could have taunted earlier and he would not have died.

The only thing that went wrong further on was a rogue dying on KT, but that might have been because the focus was low.

Anyway, next week a new try. We are also trying to do malygos under 6 minutes. If those 2 succeed I only need 20 man naxx and to die on sarth 25 (like in ont of my previous posts) to get the heroic raiding drake.

I wonder how many weeks are left before the patch. I hope at least some. I like mounts!

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