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Monday, March 23, 2009

Blogsourcing: Malygos DPS

I am asking you to take a look at my malygos tries and tell me what I did wrong or if druid dps at the moment really sucks.

So we did Malygos 6 minute tries tonight. Now you must know as soon as we knew it was fail we stopped, well at least didn't do the last phase. Last try we were able to get him to 50% before he went in the air the 2nd time. We failed in phase 3 though. I got 2 beams and a cloud I didn't notice soon enough and I died way too early. 6:30 was the time we used.

A couple of things. I was the only feral druid (meaning I had to mangle). I tanked in phase 2... and I am melee. The dps buff things were not placed optimal a lot of times for melee. You can see rogues struggling too. And we can't dps when he is in the air. Well not optimal anyway.

So I am gonna leave this to people who can compare to their own experiences. I am a lonely druid in my guild. One joined us recently but wasn't on this fight. How did I do? Outsourcing on my blog.. blogsourcing. I hope you people can help me.

Some other information. I was in full cat spec and full cat gear. Only switched my main hand when I was tanking in phase 2.

Numbers say more then gear. So Rawr tells me that my unbuffed damage with my current gear should be doing 2963 dps. If you want to check my gear you might be able to see my gear on my armory profile (see left for link) but I am often in tank spec and in tanking gear.

WWS Link

Would love to hear you tell me where I suck! ;)


  1. my first guess is that air phase lowers your DPS and the DPS of all melee who are not able to hit him

    my second guess would be that it almost certainly includes phase 2 while you were tanking

    final guess is that if you were standing in sparks at the phase 1-2 transition and moonfiring/wrathing/starfiring that would lower your DPS even further

  2. I had a couple of stints on a target dummy last night, so that's the information that's fresh on my mind. Only buffed with hit-food, I was doing 2650DPS. If I compare from my stats, it would be a little like this:
    Melee 40% against your 35%
    Rip 21% against your 17%
    Shred 20% against your 15%
    Rake 8% against your 16%
    Now ofcourse this is a highly mobile fight and not one you were just stand around and focus on your rotation. Plus you shifted to bear, which makes comparison more difficult.

    What I would say from this is that maybe you were unlucky with the number of rips you were able to put in. For example when a vortex was coming in, just do a Rip before you get blown away. A 3CP rip will still tick while you fly.

    Secondly, on your armory I can still see you gem a lot for +hit rating. (+40 hit from gems). I can understand how this works, took me a long time to get rid of my gems for hit and in my current gear, I use a foodbuff to get my hit. But those gems are more effectively spend on +crit imho. I do have the luxury of being able to swap in gear with high +hit on them though. Although if you die during a fight and get ressed, it's better to have the hit and a crit foodbuff (hmm.. need to rethink my choices)

    I think the most important thing though is Power Spark. You only got 22seconds of this. Which means your ranged DPS is not dropping the sparks near enough for melee to enjoy the +50% damage bonus. It's frustrating to look behind you and see all the ranged stand in this nice sparkly stuff smiling, while you're in the cold smacking this dragon.

    Hope this is helpfull, and have a great day!

  3. Thanks for the input. I know about the fight mechanics. Usually I get 2 Rips in in 1 ground phase during phase 1. And melee sucks on this fight. My DPS is also low because while he is in the air my rip and rake ticks but nothing else. Making every second of that rip count for dps calculations while I am waiting at 100% energy and not able to do any white hits.

    What I am wondering about now is if there are other people that have WWS stats from a Malygos fight where they were cat or cat/offtank. I want to see their dps assuming buffs are about the same.

    PS only 22 seconds of power spark is not THAT low for a melee in a 6 minute try. 1 Rogue had 37 seconds, the others 21 and 18 seconds on that try. There is only a spark down a couple of seconds after Malygos lands from the first vortex. Then you have about 30 seconds to get him below 50%. If you fail at that you can not ever do a 6 minute try succesfully.

  4. Here's a parse from the most recent Malygos kill I was a part of:

    Some notes:

    - The parse is for an entire fight, and I'm in bear form thru phase 2. That probably drops my DPS a fair bit.

    - My spec is offtank, but I'm in full dps gear. So I lose a bit of DPS on the spec.

    - I had an entire 4 seconds in the power spark. Doh.

    - My Rips are averaging 300 damage more than yours per tick - and my crits are 1k higher than yours.

    - Our Rakes average out the same, but again my crits annihilate yours. I'm not sure what's causing this bleed damage discrepancy. Gear?

    - You only jammed in 5 Shreds to my 10. Now, I assume your phase 1 was quicker than mine.... but not twice as fast. (And I was my own mangle bot.)

    - Your Savage Roar came in at 49% uptime for phase one.... that seems low. Are you saving a combo point during the vortex so that you can SR immediately on landing?

    Hope something in here helps.....

  5. Thinking about it, Malygos isn't really a fight to compare. Try 7 on my WWS you can see me doing maul damage. Meaning we wiped try 11 after or at the end of phase 1.
    I think try 7 was my best. I did caster dps when he was out of range and that gets your overall dps down while my damage done was up. Also on the 12 shreds I got in in that period I had a very sucky crit percentage. There were too many phases. For instance a melee shaman is nr 1 in try 7 but that is only due to good dps while mounted.

    Overall on some tries I can say were not too bad. I did about the same dps as the rogues. compared to you, Karthis, my gear is probably a bit worse (though armory is down atm). So I am pretty satisfied with some tries at the moment.

  6. Well, don't have any WWS but when we done maly 6min phase 1 i do about the same dps as rogues do and in p2 i usually drop as i need to offtank the adds there. If phase 1 goes as planned it means over 4k dps in p1

  7. As you will be able to read in an upcoming post on my UI (the post is actually done but I don;t want to flood the blog too much), I have recount disabled because it made me crash/disconnect in naxx25. never had those kinds of disconnects after I disabled it.

  8. Were you able to conclusively determine it was Recount? I've had something similar of late, getting crashes, but often in Dalaran (several times right after logging in or leaving H VH) and often accessing recount I'd hard freeze.

    I've been veering between a potential memory issue (though this memory has been stable for >6 months so it's unlikely), an addon, or wondering if I had gone too long between reboots and been bitten by memory leaks.

    Have you picked a replacement for Recount? I don't really need one, as I am often in the role shifter so I can only compare myself on individual bosses.

    And I now reboot every time I'm about to go raid. I used to try to do that but didn't always stick to it, now I do.

  9. Well I figured raiding there is a lot of data being pumped into recount. So it was the first I tried to disable and never had that again, well not that often anyway.
    No replacement for recount but tanking recount is not important, and for dps when I am cat I just rely on WWS after the raid.

    It was others who had way more harder problems who pointed towards recount first though.

    In Dalaran it might be that you have Questhelper running? It takes a lot when zoning. Though I myself dont have it active (being loremaster) but sometimes I still crash in Dalaran though. But on my crashes it is a whole wide variety of crashes. So unless one happens a lot you should not really look for what the cause is. As long as you don't dc during bossfights as far as I am concerned.

  10. A little late to add some input, but might as well ^_^

    Sadly a huge portion of your damage will be if you can get your damage in during the spark. I typically save my berserk until I see one spark and then go at it. And remember to refresh your bleeds after you get a damage modifier buff even if your old one is still ticking. That extra 50-100% is *huge*.

    I think my gear is a bit better than yours so it's a tough comparison, but here is my parse from last week (also tanked a bit in phase two):

    As you can see my rake alone is averaging 3k and topping out at 5k, showing the huge benefits of the sparks. If melee is not getting them your raid really needs to find a way to consistently bring them in a range for everyone.

    We screwed up early in phase three in that attempt (people died - including myself - don't remember why), so it took a bit over 8 minutes.