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Monday, March 23, 2009

Sartharion alternative positioning strategy

An alternative position to the more usual position for tanking Sarth.

Made as a somewhat more extensive reply to Karthis' Sarth 3d post. I feel this positioning strategy has a lot of good things and only 1 downside you should watch.
Simply put the MT stands in the lava bihind him while he is misdirected by a hunter. When Sartharion stops moving forward the MT goes to the little island to the right.

In the picture below you can see a schematic drawing of the area. The blueish area's represent the flame walls when you have to go to the middle hole. The yellow circle is Sartherion. The green circle is the MT.

There are 2 situations possible. Walls come from the right (east for this example), or the walls come from the (west for this example):
  • From the east: It is middle holes. The MT has a short time to react. But instead doesn't have to react at all! He is safe already!
  • From the west: The MT sees em coming a mile away since he is looking towards that spot already. So he has very much time to move north, let the walls pass.
So this is very easy for the MT.
There is an other major plus to this. And that is that when all drakes are down everyone can stand just above the yellow circle and melee/ranged dps. same possibilities on walls again:
  • From the east: It is middle hole. The whole raid sees this coming and are positioned on the totally other side as whre the wall is coming from. There is enough time to adjust.
  • From the wast: Everybody is already positioned perfectly. Just keep standing there and dpssing as if there was no wall.
The only thing you should so is spread the healers over the 2 possible holes so at all times there are healers that do not need to move. Not that this phase is the most difficult one, but why risk it?

There is only one downside. The place where vesperon lands is a tricky spot. If you move too far towards Sartherion he will oneshot the tank and/or all melee. So this is something the Vesperon tank should be aware of. After picking him up move towards the side hole and then towards the center again (making sure not so go too far south, just south of the opening for the middle hole is best). Now Vesperon points towards the north/north-west. Melee will never get hit by Sartharions breath.

PS on picking up Tenebron. There is a safe spot in the absolute north (just don't stand in the lava, or hit the lava if you must). Make sure you get a misdirect, and when it is middle hole just stand still, no wall will hit you. If it is sideholes hit him and run to the south as fast as possible. Never failed to run towards that gap myself.


  1. This is the position that my guild uses on sarth 3d. It made it super easy for me as MT. The only "tricky" part is that if a blue hole ends up on your island you have to hop to the main island to avoid taking extra damage from the lava, not a big deal at all really.

    My healers seemed to prefer it as well.


  2. With blue hole you mean fissure?