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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First view of emblem loot

There are some new PTR emblem items that would easy be best in slot for any feral druid and the blizzard policy of introducing new emblems with increasing raid difficulty.

With Ulduar there are going to be new emblems called Emblem of Conquest. I really like this. No more TBC affairs where you could buy items better then Tier 5 while farming for badges in Heroics and Karazhan. If you don't progress further then current 10 mans or heroics you will be stuck at emblem of heroism items. This way you will get recognition for raiding on a high level rather then seeing someone in blues with the same belt as you.

The items as they are now on PTR seem to be better then any item for the same slot that is in the game now. They have a lot of agility and a lot of stamina. They are 100% rogue but have no armor penetration which for druids is as far as I know the worst stat. [edit] This is goes for tanks only. From a multiple usability perspective they have no wasted stats for neither cat nor tank. [/edit] There is hit, expertise, haste and crit which, with the likely introduction of SD will be valuable for catform and bearform. Because of the leg enchant you probably need different pants for tanking and dps, but you can gem them with agility which is already the stat for tanking and will become a lot more valuable for cat dps (possibly more then strength).

So here they are; keep in mind this is early PTR and some stuff will probably change.

PS. There are also new necks available, but I don't know what to think of them. The agility one is clearly for cat, but for tanks it is comparing apples and oranges. They are good, but I have no idea which one would be better.
Tanking neck
Agility neck
Strenght neck

PS2. As of current PTR I did a quick test and saw mangle is no longer bugged. A hit gives now one CP and a crit gives 2. This means it is now possible to do a real DPS test. Stay tuned.


  1. Hey there.... few quickies:

    a) Armor pen is actually fairly good for kitties, but is terrible for bears. Certainly not the worst druid stat though.

    b) The tanking and agility necks would both be nice for bears. Agility neck will rock for cats.

  2. Hey Karthis, thanks for dropping by.
    You are right. Maybe I didn't make it clear enough (will edit) that I was looking at the items from the perspective of multiple usability. My comment to armor penetration was from a tanking perspective, saying that because the (rogue-ish) items don't have armor penetration it makes them good for tanking, meaning there is not a wasted stat on them for cat, nor for tanking druids.

    And on the necks I was again looking from a tanking/multiple usability perspective. No doubt the agility neck is great for cats (it is designed for rogues and hunters etc), but I don't know how it is for tanks. Nor about the tanking neck. Current (naxx25) ilevel 226 items might be better (Favor of the Dragon Queen / Boundless Ambition). There is no neck item without a (partially) wasted stat for bear druids (armor penetration and defense).