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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Achievement fun

Achievements are stupid, or rather "It is not a bug, it's a feature"!

I skipped a day of posting on the blog. Maybe better not to flood stuff and maybe also better to do some other stuff the always posting. Anyway the reason was that I have gotten old (it was my 30th birthday Sunday).

Anyway since we killed Sarth 3D it is a nice chance to get a pretty dragon (Glory of the raider). Since we are probably never gonna do immortal, aiming for that dragon on normal is the best thing to go for. Especially because the dragons are going to be removed as rewards after 3.1.

Being a bit unlucky on an undying run, but knowing undying is going to be really doable, I had 4 achievements left. Malygos in under 6 minutes is the only really hard one left and the Grand Widow Faerlina achievement was one of the others.

The last two I wanted to kill 2 birds with 8 stones. Sarth 8 man and Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows.
Avoiding those lava strikes is pure luck and nothing you should ever focus on in a raid. If you die from the first lava wall (you are a noob) you will not get any of them. So the achievement is said to be a reward for sucking. Today we proved it is not always a "bug", it is a feature! To get enough people to have that achievement you need to let them die in the start, in the process making the Sartharion fight a lot more fun.

We had me and 2 others dying in the beginning and we were also doing 8-man. So we had 5 people left alive to kill Sartharion. A paladin alt tanked the boss and he once got to 6k health, that was the minimum. Our healer paladin had 20+ blazes on him at the end while the rest was trying to get the boss down (only 3 dps vs 6 makes that last part last loooong).

Anyway here is a screenshot to prove it. And again, the 3 dead guys were intended!

PS You can see my interface here. I'll make a post on that later, but if you have any questions now, just ask em.


  1. Hey Marino. Just wanted to say grats on the achievements! Also, great work on the blog so far. Got linked here when Karthis posted about swiping to the to top of the meters a few days back. So far, I'm really enjoying your entries, especially your epic stories. Keep it up =)

  2. Oh, and belated Happy Birthday!

  3. Nice. Personally, I got the normal and heroic achievements by simply tanking the encounter.

  4. zomg, i love your UI. Is uber clean. When will you be doing your UI post?

  5. It will be my next post. Dunno when I have the time for it though ;)

    Btw keep in mind I was dead ^^