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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My UI and Addons

How I have configured my UI and what addons I use.

So here it is, my "long" awaited post on my UI and what addons I use. first of all if you are not using it yet, install the Curse Client. It is so easy to download and install it is unbelievable. All addons I use are available on curse.

First of all I am using a widescreen monitor. If you are not, get yourself one if funds allow it. The UI backgound picture I designed myself, see my previous post: The art of the UI. Here you can also read about the bars I use and why there are 18 buttons to the left. It has also info about macaroon (which you can now also download via Curse).

I marked nearly every addon with letter and they'll be listed below here. What I didn't mark is Fubar, of which I am using a bar to the top and 1 to the bottom. It holds a number of addons which for the most part are self explanatory. If you wonder what it is just ask!
One very important mod that is missing is Baggins. It automatically organizes all items and gear in the right place. It does the same for your bank. It allows you to create sections. I made a Tanking Section holding tanking gear (added by item id, which I can see using the addon iteminfo which is also not shown). I made sections for pvp gear, cat gear etc, etc... Really can't do without!

As for the numbered items (I suggest not to read all, just what you are interested in from looking at the screenshot):
  • A: Autobar. Configurable bar to hold consumables and other often used (preferably not in combat) which folds out. For instance the section Battle Elixirs folds out on mouseover to show you all battle elixirs you have.
  • B: Elkano's Buffbars. Better then the default icons blizzard gives you. Readable time left and readable names. It however when raiding gets really huge and in my case disappears behind grid. But I use that only to watch for buffs before I start a bossfight anyway. It has 3 default sections; buffs, weapon buffs and debuffs. I have placed my debuff list to the right of the buffs list. (At the time of the screenshot I have 0 debuffs). That way they are always in the same place (very usefull at Thaddius).
  • C: Cooldown monitor (I belive this is ora2?). It is not part of fubar, I just placed it there.
  • D:Deadly Boss Mods. In my opinion way better then BigWigs. Ecspecially Blue text in the center and for the sound effect at the moments you need to pay extra attention. Example: A sound played when polarity shifts at Thaddius, and the soundclip "Run away little girl, run away" at the moment a firewall comes on Sartharion. It jumps to the center of the screen at 10 seconds left.
  • E: Grid. I tried a lot of different raidframes but Grid, though not really pretty is the best imo. Ofcourse you need to add some grid addons. I use 3 different texts, devided each corner icon into 4 icons (as you can see on me, Mone, I have 2 of 4 icons active to he bottom left of my frame). It also shows mana/energy/rage/runic energy and I have raidicons active on it. It is mostly configured for healer still (together with Clique) but not that much needed for feral druids though. The big benefit of grid is that you can configure height and width of each frame yourself. And because it is so minimalistic it doesnlt loose space for vital information.
  • F: Archud. Nice headup display to see energy and combopoints (none were up at the moment of the screenshot, but it shows 1, 2,... 5 in big yellow numbers in the center).
  • G: TellMeWhen (see previous post Tell Me When).
  • H: Decursive. Not often used when you are feral though.
  • I: Main Tank Targets (part of Ora2)
  • J: AG_Unitframes. With some addons also shows castbar (though that is on archud too). It is easy configurable and clear. I don't show buffs or debuffs (only minimalsitic). What I do show are debuffs on target of target so I can keep track of debuffs on the MT to know when I need to taunt to start tanking.
  • K: Cowtip
  • L: Chinchilla. One of the minimap addons I like. I really dislike minimapicons and unless I forget to disable em only gatherer is active (to be able to easliy share nodes with others). I have no gethering skills on Monedula, but it still get the info from other guildies.
  • M: Space reserved for recount. Though recount made me crash a couple of times. At least I didn't crash as often with recount disabled. So it is empty for now.
  • N: Omen2 Threatmeter.
Forgot to mention I use prat to modify my chatframe, and I use OmniCC to display seconds on a cooldown.

That was pretty much it. Any questions, suggestion or compliments are always welcome.


  1. Installed Macaroon again yesterday and it now works fine. Love it again ;)

  2. Good stuff, more UI goodness to chase down and debate. Currently having 4 different cage matches between addons

    How do you like Macaroon against Bartender4 or Dominos?

    TellMeWhen vs. the other debuff trackers.

    Meta request, can you put a link/tag somewhere yo go to Main or Home? Currently you don't have one and it's annoying to get back to the main page from within a post.

  3. Made the link thingy. Was kinda bugged by that myself.

    As far as TMW goes, I like icons. Didn't like Classtimers and RogueBars thingy... well I don't like bars. Big icons are more clear to me.

    I don't know domino's, but the major downside to Baternder 4 is that it doesn't give you extra bars. It just places the 10 existing bars in managable positions. I am using standard bar 1 to 6 in bartender though. That is just because they get replaced in game by vehicle bars.
    For the rest I simply love macaroon. Fully customizable. Want 50 bars with alternating 3 to 20 buttons? No problem. In a circle? Sure. 4 rows and 2 columns? No problem. Simply amazing.