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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why Druid?

One more introduction post. Something about druids in general. Why am I playing a druid etc.

So I am a druid. I started out playing a warlock on vanilla Beta of which I got to use the beta account of a friend of mine. I was human and when Wow came out I played it from day one. Started a guild, Ordo Lucis, on Aggramar that grew to 200 people and was one of the top guilds there. Played wow for half a year and then kinda lost interest.
In the half year that followed I tried other games but none could give me the same satisfaction as WoW could. So I came back. Didn't want to go back to Ordo Lucis. I wanted a frest start. I wanted to see the horde too, quest there and be ugly! (this is before belf were there).

After trying every class there was till about level 15 I finally tried Druid. Part of sticking with druid was that I know from before that there were few druids. And also that there were few healers. So I leveled to 60 as a healer. At that point there were a lot of people leveling so it was not a bad choice healing instances.
At level 40 I joined a guild that one day later merged into Nordic Chapter. Together we raided ZG, MC, AQ20 and AQ40. We were about to enter Blackwing lair when PvP rewards changed coming TBC. No raids could be formed then.

Went to TBC as feral but changed back to resto at level 70. Raided Karazhan a bit when Nordic Chaper broke up. I did initially join the more RP oriented of the 2, although we continued to become hardcore raiders. Mythicow, my guildleader, who since then has gained some fame on my server at least, then took charge. He pointed us towards hardcore raiding. We had Kara and Gruul down and we went more and more hardcore. We were way behind on progress. We were guild 25 on the server or so. We marched up doing all content. I myself was on an Illidan wipenight (the week after we first cleared whole BT) and we had two 1% wipes.

I didn't really feel like raiding any more at that point. I went to casual Karazhan, farming badges for gear. Since it was hard to find a tank I started collecting tanking gear and later some cat dps gear. The Esoteric foundation made it into Sunwell killing 2 or 3 out of the 6 bosses before 3.0 patch hit.

Wrath of the Lich King came, and I planned what I wanted to do, tanking and doing some cat dps. Knowing how easy it is after while to greed some other types of gear I decided I would absolutely stick with Monedula, my druid. I also Identify myself with him and I invested a lot of time in him which I don't want to go to waste. At the moment I am an achievement whore gathering 5775 points, a lot of mounts and rep with 35 factions now. I can not ever start having my hunter, paladin or warlock (a new warlock, not the ally one I started day 1) as a main.

An other reason for sticking with my druid was the versatility of druids. I really like tanking (though I wonder with current PTR changes druids, me, are that welcome tanking). I also like doing feral dps. It is the hardest I have ever done and I compare it to a circus act where you spin plates on a stick and trying to not ever let them drop. However It is really easy to greed some real good offspec gear after all casters have already the items they need. So I have collected an ok balance set which with some adaptions can be made into healing gear if I would ever change from feral to an other spec. But I doubt it, have been healer too long and balance seems boring to me.
The one thing that makes druids stand out verses any other class is the fact that we can do all types of gaming. We can tank, we can heal, we can melee dps and we can do ranged dps. Paladin is the only thing that is close but they have no ranged dps. So if I would ever get bored I don't have to switch my main to change my game.

So currently my guild has cleared all content long time ago. Last Sunday we did Sarth 3d 10 man, the last hurdle left in my opinion, and in hindsight we would have been able to take him way earlier. I don't really want any more items on my tanking set at the moment and my feral dps gear is really good as well.

I really like to see Ulduar and I plan to be active on the PTR, since we clear most of the content on wednesday which makes the rest of the days a bit boring. I hope we are able to make some server first kills in Ulduar.


  1. Hi,
    just stumbled over this blog (linked by Karthis).
    Greetings from Aggramar :)
    I also started on Alliance side there with a Human Warlock (in May 2005) but soon changed to the Horde and still here.
    Nice reading, I'll probably stay. /cheer

  2. Yeah alliance sucks! Haha! I bet all allied say the same about the horde ;)