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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Roundhouse kick

There are possibly going to be some changes to swipe.

3.1 content is far from being complete. Lots of loot has been seen in Ulduar that are simple placeholders (see Karthis' most recent post) for which yet has to be figured out what the stats should be.

According to a recent blue post they want to take a new look at swipe. Rather then making it a test of skill to be positioned right to swipe them all they want to make it a bit easier which should improve aoe tanking. There will be some form of 360 degrees aoe that builds a lot more threat then Demoralizing Roar

I think swipe will still be the main aoe ability, the thing they are looking at, I think, is something to grab initial agro, after which you can walk a bit back making them all face you from one side.
There are, lorewise, 2 ways that can be done, imo. Some roar or some physical thing, rather then something magical which is not something feral druids do. What I would really like to see, as I said before, is a roundhouse kick/roundhouse swipe, for comical purposes referred to as a "Chucky Swipe" or something!. The druid turns around it's own axis in 0.5 sec or something and swipes all around him.

It would look awesome, but that would require a new animation where as a new shout would just be one of the the same animations already in game. For 3.1 that is possibly too short time so I am afraid it'll be a shout, if it is implemented in 3.1 at all.


  1. Geez, how did I miss this? Hey, Marino. Nice blog. :)

    And yes, bears need more roundhouse kicks. Steal the animation from the dance if need be.

  2. Wow, I missed this blue post too. Good thing i have folks like you to keep me updated >.>

    And I agree, Bear roundhouse swipe is a must! I would be satisfied with Kalon's suggestion of stealing the dance animation to make this happen.

  3. Agree, I love tanking as a bear, except that gaining initial aggro on a mob can be challenging, especially if the mobs are moving like in Violet Hold.

    Would you be interested in posting about the addons that you use, as Karthis recently did? I see your UI is a little different than his and I'm curious about it.

    -Junten, Lightbringer, US

  4. @all

    Welcome guys. And yes anon, I will make a post on those addons, I have a few of idea's on what to post on, but seems a bit of a waste to spam them all in one day ;)
    I have made a post on one of the addon TellMeWhen a couple of days ago, but you probably checked that out already.

  5. I have been saying that they should implement a spinning bear attack for years, I think a spinning bear would be awesome.

  6. What about lowering the cool down on challenging roar and increasing its threat a bit. I don't really want to end up looking like some street fighter ninja bear ;)

    Another blog to add to my reading list - thanks.


  7. @Sendah

    I don't think that is likely. Challenging roar is a taunt, not an aoe threat effect. Wanting to get more threat on targets behind me does not mean that I want to taunt every target in 10 yards range.
    A threat increase from Demoralizing Roar seems more likely but that has a 10 yard range, where swipe has a 5 yard range (and I think most tank aoe threat effects have a 5 yard range). Giving us a 10 yard range aoe effect would make us instantly OP or hard to use in Ulduar because we get threat on targets we don't want to.

    So I think a new 5 yard aoe effect, or a change in swipe is something we'll see some time hopefully.

  8. Shiran - NesingwaryMarch 12, 2009 at 6:32 PM

    I would think any AOE bear ability implemented would be something like Thunderclap. But for a druid it would have to be nature oriented. Imagine the bear slamming the ground and hundreds of tiny roots coming up and wrapping up the legs of his attackers. The mechanics would be similar or identical to Thunderclap, i.e., threat with movement reduction.

  9. How about this?

    Vicious Fleas - The druid shrugs, sending a cloud of fleas flying around in an 8 yard radius. The fleas bite for X damage over Y seconds, causing a high amount of threat. 2 minute cooldown.

    Could use the animation of Locust swarm without much trouble and it would give us a fire and forget threat generator.

  10. Here has been my suggestion since I started playing....

    Let us bears use warstomp.....and give it a damage number while in bear form....problem solved, I mean, what druid do you know ever is able to use warstomp (maybe, by a long shot, a hybrid healer needing to run).

    Marino, great start on the blog

  11. Heya, Marino. I agree that reusing one of the existing animations would make more sense. I'm worried they're not going to change anything except the angle of the attack. Hopefully they do *something*.

    In any case, I just put your blog on /follow. Feel free to check out mine, too!