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Monday, March 16, 2009

Keylogger warning

Offtipoc, keylogger warning. Watch out for the newest tactic by account hackers. Don't use a link you might get in the mail by a guildy.

Our guild today was targeted by an account hacker. We're not stupid (at least no idea if anyone in our guild has been stupid... yet.)

What happened: We have a random person in our guild with an "i" in the name. For instance "Hillary". Well someone created a character name "Híllary". As you see the i looks very similar but is not the same. He then in game mailed a lot (if not all)of our guildmembers the following messgage:

"Hey my brothers

This is a publicity video about our guild, everyone can go watch it.
And give me some advice!


The urls has been changed. But the exe file is a keylogger. Clicking this means you loose everything that is in your bank and all good items out of your guildvault. Ye be warned!

On the same topic, I know a of a different tactic that was used in previous games. It goes like this.
A hacker pretends he is a girl and talks to someone and flirts with him. Then he send some pictures via msn or mail. Pictures of a "hot" girl. Then one of the pictures doesn't work and seems broken. That picture is in fact a trojan to be made to look like a picture. Then the hacker crashes the players game, which forces him to log in again and the hacker knows username and password now. He crashes the game again and now quickly changes the password. Then logs in as the player, gets all the loot he wants and trades that to a friend who is waiting at some spot. Then logs out.
Ofcourse it is wrong, but the beauty of it is that after logging out the password is changed back to the old password. This is sarcasm or whatever it is called in the highest form. That part made me kinda lol ;)

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  1. I bought one of Blizzard's authenticator keys after a friend got hacked. They're great for peace of mind.