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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Swipe swoop - another epic story

Swipe might be OP... Ya think?

This will be a bit more shorter then my last story. More of a joke with a great punchline.
Last night we did Naxx 25 again. As boring as it is on the spider wing our DK tank wanted to make it a... bit... more exiting. In Grand Widow Faerlinas room the trash consists of 4 or 5 packs of 10 caster trash and a pack of about 15 small spider. So he pulled them all!
I was fully cat on this run and I had planned on swiping these mobs. I must say I was lucky I was one of the last to die (how I managed to live that long, I have no idea). Anyway I had SR up the whole time (gotten myself a 34 sec buff on a big spider before that) but I did not use Berserk which would have meant even more dps.

On that trash on damage done I (Monedula) am just a bit over our DK tank, but just look at the DPS.

17k DPS. So swipe might be a wee bit OP!

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