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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ulduar cleared!

Last night at a it before 23:00 we killed Yogg-saron and we officially cleared (for now) Ulduar.

Last week Tuesday we first saw Yogg-saron when we, after about 15 tries we managed to briefly see phase 2 before we all died.

This week after in total 2.5 wipenights this night resulted in a kill. The problem we had was mostly the switch between phase 2 and 3. We got that down 2-ce. The first time it was a 6% wipe where we got some real good practices on switching between the mobs. The last time it was an excellent performance..

I again got the t8.5 item. I have gotten so many items because of tanking loot prio (though I dps more often then tank recently) that I now have 4/5 items. When we stop with tanking prio it will be a long while before I get any item I ever want again.

Don't I look great?


  1. <-- jealous, my guild seems to be failing more and more every single day ;(

  2. Whenever you notice you are unsatisfied it is a good thing to review your options.
    basically there are 3,
    1 stay;
    2 find a different guild that is better on the same server;
    3 find a good guild looking for druids on a different real and transfer.

    If you don't want that much fast progress and you like your guild option1 would be the best. If you want to go hardcore and invest a lot of time every expension/patch, option 2 and 3 are what you should go for.

  3. Grats. Although Blizz had repeatedly stated that Ulduar isn't "cleared" until Alganon falls.

    We only have three 3hr raid nights a week, so it'll take us longer to get there... which is fine. (We also lost all but one raid day of the first week to server/personnel issues).

  4. Thanks. And, yes I know. Hence the "(for now)" in the synopsis.
    FYI: we have raided 6 and 5 days in the 2 weeks respecively. Some raiddays had 6 to 7 hours. Most were 5.

  5. Options 2 and 3 are not really an option as it's my own guild Marino -.-

  6. Hmmz. How about a merge or /gdisband ? It is an option though. And I know that having an own guild can be lots of work. I myself was not really fit as a guildleader 4 years back when I formed a guild that grew to 200 members (this was before everyone had 5 alts). I quit, the guild went on to be close to clearing Naxx in vanilla.

  7. Don't believe in mergers and don't want to /gdisband as i got a few real life friends in there, i'll just have to endure and maybe in 1 month claim victory ^_^

  8. And so the last solution is to improve your guildmate's skills, and recruit some talented players... :-)

  9. Grats Marino.

    I am not sure I understand why everyone want to clear Ulduar in 2-3 weeks. Our guild did not clear Naxx untill just after christmas and I have been fed up with Naxx for at least one month.
    Are noone afraid they will "burn out" in 2 month from now because they have had Ulduar on farm for some time?

  10. Respect to you Tarskin.
    Victory will be extra sweet when you can claim it togethr with your friends.

  11. @Tarskin
    The most important decisions in life are often the hardest. And why can't you core players/friends join a new guild as a group?

    Anyway, I am not saying you should, I am just saying it is something to think about.

    @Anon 1 up
    Thank you. The reason that we want to clear it that fast is to, ultimately, gain respect I think. We were a way slacking guild beginning of TBC, we were even an RP guild. We worked our way up and now we could finally prove (Naxx was too easy for that) that we are the nr1 horde guild on the server. Call it an achievement. And yes, there is an achievement when you kill the last boss first.

    Also, one reason that we are doing hard time now is that we can relax later. Instead of having wipenights 6/7 weeks in Ulduar we can get the best loot and then relax and go easy while others are still progressing on bosses. But indeed, if it is not your thing... Don't. ;) That is what is great about wow. you can play it your own style ;)