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Monday, April 6, 2009

The fairer sex

It occured to me theat though male WoW players play almost every class there is in WoW equally, I find that females are more drawn to certain types of classes.

This is a entry that is in no way to be considered a serious one.

So to start off, lets be a male and thus blunt, generalize as much as possible here. If you are a woman and playing WoW you are most likely playing a Priest, Paladin or Hunter. Am I right guys? Am I? Oh yes I am!!! High five!

Well let me calm myself down and be a bit less of a drunken bar macho. Doesn't change the fact that this is true though. From the female players I have met in wow I have yet to see one that does like melee dps, though, of the classes mentioned, one can be melee dps. I myself know 2 female tankadins. But seriously, they have been hanging around with guys too much.

I have yet to encounter my first female rogue, warrior or DK. And by that I mean a level 80. Because who hasn't tried making a DK yet?

Of all classes a woman can play I would rate it like this:
  • 23% Priest
  • 18% Hunter
  • 18%Paladin
  • 12% Druid
  • 11% Warlock
  • 8% Shaman
  • 7% Mage
  • 1% Deathknight
  • 1% Rogue
  • 1% Warrior
Now to be totally stereotypical... this is why:
  • Women like to heal and nurture (healer classes)
  • Women want to multitask and need an overview of the fight to get themselves distracted (ranged).
  • Woman want to see all the pretty artwork while nuking a boss to hell (ranged)
  • Women like to have a pet cause they are so cute and absolutely adoring (hunter).
  • Woman playing wow are dark and broody types (preferring warlock over a dull mage)

Now you all let your girlfriends who play wow react and tell me I am an asshole.
Then after you can react and tell me that I am telling the truth. Because... come on. It is so obvious!

PS I have a girlfriend myself... Morituri te salutant.


  1. My Guild Leader from my old pre BC played a Orc Rogue, and she rocked the DPS meters. She also played a warrior tank before that.

    Another girl from my current guild played also a warrior tank.

    So, I guess you just play with the wrong type of women ;).

  2. You're an asshole. My wife doesn't need to react to it to tell me that.

    Let's see. We have Runy who plays a druid tank. In my guild alone, we've got a woman who plays a rogue, a mage, a couple priests (of the pewpew and healing variety), a couple locks, a couple paladins of all types, and a shaman. I've known every class to be played by a woman, and every spec.

  3. @Kalon :( You feminist bastard! (If you didn't get it, this post is not me. It was an attempt at being comical in the hide of a male jerk.)

    Back on topic, I have never encountered melee (except for tankadin) females. Maybe it is because I am playing on a RP-PVP server. Women who join because of the RP might not be interested in melee as much?

  4. My g/f plays a rogue and warrior. Her only "healer" is a blood death knight. It depends on the girls you know I think..

  5. I know three female rogues, two of which I'd consider hardcore raiders. :P

  6. Actually I know a girl Rogue who is also or was the GM of a raiding guild. I also know of another but I can't remember her name. She belonged to a rogue site I belonged to.

  7. Nope. you are quite wrong. One of the main tanks in my guild is female, and she plays a DK. And she's damn good at it. I've also run raids with some chicks who are playing rogues. In previous guilds/servers we had a couple women who played Shamans and Retadins.

    But then again, I know women who play healers, hunters, and locks too. so you win some, you lose some.

  8. It's convenient how you immediately invalidate the opinions of any female commenting due to them not being male. If they disagree, obviously they are wrong and they're just being defensive.

    I pity your girlfriend.

  9. In our guild we have the following women players who are 80: feral druid, tree druid, troll rogue, DK tank, Warrior DPS, Pally Tank, Disc Priest, Blood DK, 2 mages, and a Pally Healer. Oh, and the feral druid, tree druid and troll rogue are all officers too.

    I don't think you are an ass, I just think you based your statistical analysis on a very small sample size. :D

  10. Aren't you about 6 days late with this post?

  11. In other words, you're using anecdotal evidence about the kind of players _you've_ encountered to make broad generalisations.

    Why not look at some of the actual demographic research done on gender trends in WoW, since it actually exists? You can start at

  12. Not too far off from the truth. I started with a hunter main, but have since gone to a feral druid. Though I am melee, I eat faces and tank in a protective and nurturing capacity. Will be going resto as my second spec though of course. ^.^

  13. So let me get this straight? You're male, so obviously all this is true. And if anyone who IS a male responds differently, he's a "feminist bitch", and if anyone who is female responds differently, they're wrong because they're being defensive?


    I thought for a moment about telling you what classes I play and have played, but obviously since I'm a female, I'm just being defensive. So I won't waste your time.

  14. Oh, and to nitpick a point: "Of all classes a woman can play" -- since when do classes come with gender restrictions?

  15. Currently in guild, the women we have include a Shaman, Priest/Hunter, and Boomkin/Warlock.

    Durin BC there was the same Priest/Hunter, about 3 other Priests, 3 Druids, and another Hunter. We also had a Fury Warrior turned mage.

    They play every different class. My fiance plays a Boomkin.

  16. ...

    Instead of spouting worthless tripe, why not check out the existing numbers?

    There are a grand total of three interesting discrepancies there - more men play warriors and paladins, and more women play priests. Also, the greatest percentage of men are playing hunters. I guess they want to see all the pretty artwork, too? Fuckwit.

  17. Oh come on ladies they got us, but lets fight fire with fire.

    Guys don't seem to be as diversified as previously claimed, I'd say as far as active 80's it looks something like this...

    * 19% Death Knight
    * 17% Paladin
    * 15% Warrior
    * 12% Hunter
    * 12% Mage
    * 9% Warlock
    * 8% Rogue
    * 3% Priest
    * 3% Druid
    * 2% Shaman

    And here's why...

    * Guys have a thing for plate. They think it looks cool or maybe they are compensating for something.
    * Guys like to top the damage meters and the easier it is to do it the better. Classes with where you have to work for your damage are less desirable.
    * Guys who can't top the DPS meters tank to save face, those that also can't tank heal.

    There are of course exceptions out there, for every awesome female tank there is a male healer to balance her out. :)

  18. Monedula, I wanted to make sure you understood this:

    This post caused me to unsubscribe to your blog. I have no further interest in reading your thoughts any more, entirely based on this post.

    I hope that you will reconsider making posts like this in the future and think about what you post in the future. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  19. @Kalon and whomever...

    About the feminists thing. I originally posted a " ;) " behind it. As in no harm intended. It disappeared in editing. I did in NO WAY mean this. I am sorry for that.
    Sorry you feel that way. I said it and if you feel offended I am sorry for that too. It is however not how I feel. It is how I would feel if I was a bastard. I am sad you didn't get that. :(

    Again Mea Culpa, and mext time I'll start off saying: "This is a entry that is in no way to be considered a serious one." (added that now).

  20. Sweetie,

    You did go there. I play a level 80 feral druid and I have a level 70 death knight and yes, I am of the female persuasion.

  21. As to the reason of the post, it was just to see if others have experienced the same thing or different things. It was not intended as serious research.

  22. I don't get it. This thing is written with obvious satiristic intent. One should not take seriously what is not intended to be so. Let alone the line with "drunken bar macho" should've made this aspect clear.
    Well - I guess that's another toast to the limits of internet-communication.

  23. @moo
    I am glad you understand the mail as intended.

  24. I'm with Moo. To me this post was obviously tongue-in-cheek and not meant to be taken seriously. That's the thing with stereotypes...we can all list a dozen different people that disprove the stereotypes, but we also know a dozen people who support them. I took the article with a grain of salt as it was intended.

  25. Kalon,

    Thin-skinned, much? Sheesh! It was a tongue in cheek post.

  26. Obviously, I'm late getting to this. Yay for Easter festivities getting in the way of my blog reading. Honestly though, even without the now amended in warning of the satirical nature of the post, I don't think I would've been able to take it as anything else. I chuckled a fair amount Marino =)

    And honestly your personal experiences are similar to mine. I do know a few melee-oriented women, we've got a rogue and a ret pally in my guild, not to mention myself as primarily a face-ripping kitty. I know even fewer female tanks (though they do exist). My guild went through all of BC with me being the only female at all interested in tanking. But most of the women I've encountered tend to play either ranged dps or healers. All in all though, amusing article. And the debate it spawned was even more so, good job =)

  27. im getting in late on the argument..... but siffff. great post mate great blogs. keep up the good work. i like how you started the blog ''This is a entry that is in no way to be considered a serious one.''

    was i one of the few who saw that? and to all my meele ladies out there keep up the good work, your going agasint the grain and i like it... ahahahaahahas.

    but honestly sarah got me..... i haven lvled my dk cos i think his lvl 55-58 armor looks saweeeet. i dont think im compensating for something but she was right.

    i haope all who read this bolg can realx have a laugh and enjoy life cos one blog aint worth getting angry over

  28. K, so you said you havent really met a female that likes DPSing, well Here one is!! My first character in wow was my druid, i actually leveled with my husband who was a Disc Priest (he wanted to pvp, where i wanted to raid).

    I have never swayed from my love of feral Kitty DPSing, except when i hit 70, i leveled a rogue to 70, but when lich king came out i didnt level her past 71.

    Right now according to some stat website (cant remember the name) I am the top geared feral druid on my server (kelThuzad) And no i am not some dorky girl, i am a young stay at home mom very interested in fashion and parties and friends (etc), i just like to play wow in my free time!

  29. I am a 22 year old female, and my 80s are (in descending order of play and gear)

    Belf Holy Pally
    UD Blood DK Tank
    UD Mage (fire/arcane)
    Belf Warlock (destruc)
    Troll Resto Shammy

  30. Also I realise this post is quite old now, I feel like putting in my 2 cents.

    I'm female, aged 21, have been on WoW for about 2 years now. My chars are:

    Hunter (BM)
    Shaman (Resto/Elem)
    Mage (Fire)
    Druid (Feral)

    So the hunter fits the stereotype, although in my case I was torn between hunter and druid and made my final choice because I liked the troll female design better and couldn't at that point be a druid troll. So I am probably guilty of the female stereotype of going for things that look cooler. I also liked having a pet as a new player because I didn't have to worry about being hit directly so often!

    However, I actually love playing my resto shaman at least as much as my hunter, I'm quite converted! I always felt I kind of failed by not being able to be the best ever dps, whereas being a healer I know I'm useful (indispensable!) to my group.

    Interestingly, of the few other female players I know most play rogues. I have no idea why. I have always avoided melee (until my new druid) because I like to sit back and be able to get a clear view of the playing field.

    As for multi-tasking, I suck at it and actually prefer my shammy healing with it's simple 3 heals to my hunter's more complicated shot rotations.

    I must also agree with Sarah - the guys are more obsessed with topping the DPS table, whereas girls prefer more 'subtle' roles.

    Overall I think you're probably right that females lean more towards hunters, paladins and priests. Don't you think females usually choose Blood Elf too? Is this just the female preference for 'pretty' rather than mean-looking things? Personally I'm a loyal troll fan, but just about every other female I've ever met in game has been a belf.