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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Get your flasks while you can

The crafting materials of flask of endless rage is changed. So craft em before 3.1 if you have the mats lying around.

New PTR changes:
  • Flask of Stoneblood now increases the player's maximum health by 1300. (Up from 750)
  • Flask of Endless Rage - Now requires 3xGoldclover instead of 3xFire Leaf
So Flask of Stoneblood is a bit better for tanking. Like that one.

Blue post on the flask of stoneblood changes:
We felt the current amount of health from the stoneblood was just ridiculous at how low it was, especially considering the damage from bosses in Ulduar so we buffed it a bit. Just keep in mind that we don't really like the idea of every new flask/upgrade being something with the same stats and just higher numbers every time. As an example it's possible the next tanking flask would have the same or lower health but extra mitigation stats like armor or defense on it.

I sure as hell don't hope it will be defense. Talking about making all tanks the same this will be a nerf to us druids since we can't use the parry rating it gives. The stamina one there is now might be better then still and blizzard pushes us druids back towards stamina again. If anything they would want druids to 100% always go for the flask that has less stamina.

As to the Flask of Endless Rage; all Flasks are getting changed. There won't be 2 hour flasks anymore, they will last 1 hour. But with the same materials alchemists can now craft 2 flasks. Conclusion, general flask usage is down from this. If you raid for 3 hours you will only consume 3 1h flasks vs 2 2h flasks now. This results in you saving 1 1h flask for an other time.
Other good thing about it, they now stack up to 20! I wish they did that for potions too.

If you have 2h flasks at the time patch 3.1 hits you would be able to trade them. Not knowing what this meant I did not craft the flasks yet. Last time I was on PTR I saw my 2h flasks had been transformed into an item that was usable. Using it created 2 1h flasks. Pretty easy. Knowing this it is safe to let the flasks be crafted now. But with the reagent change to Flask of Endless Rage it is important that you let em be crafted now, if, like me, you saved up and got mats lying around.

Back to the fact that defense on a flask would suck and would nerf that flask for druids. If you think about it, the Flask of endless rage already is nerfed for us druids. Hunters and rogues out there go around with 4k AP (something like that?) Where I myself have 6.7k AP. A flask that gives 180 AP is not as much an improvement for druids then it is for other classes (which in my opinion is one of the reasons that druids can't keep up in dps with other classes compared to the dps they did when everybody was badly geared).


  1. Regarding Flask of endless rage: with patch 3.1 we no longer multiply AP by 1,4 which make the flask even worse.

    On another note: I am concerned how feral DPS scales as we gear up in Uldur. I think we will be ok at the start of Uldur but will soon fall behind the other DPS. But I dont know how we scale; just a feeling I have.

  2. I have the same feeling. No facts, but I think druids don't scale with gear as other classes do. In 3.2 we'll see another boost coming our ways. Maybe a total rethought on cat dps so we scale better.