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Monday, April 20, 2009

Great addons have lazy people behind it.

Go RPB if you are not hooked to TMW yet.

I have told you about TellMeWhen in this (link) post.

I have told you about macaroon being bugged, and the lazy programmer finally making a new version that now in 3.1 works (though there was no working version for the first 2 weeks of 3.0.8.

The same thing happened to TMW. The programmer was lazy. I posted on curse 2 weeks before 3.1 went live the following bug (on PTR);

The setting: Show me only if casted by myself was bugged. It should show Rip and Rake only when I casted it, but instead it will show any Rip and Rake casted by anyone. However if mine is active it will show mine before any others.

It really pissed me off because I got subbed from Mimiron because I was doing low dps. I got back in though after the other druid had to leave and we killed him! There was no other druid so the buggy addon didn't bother me much then, though my dps was still low because of me soaking bomb bot blows in phase 3 and doing little else.

This is the supposed fix: (didn't get a chance to try it yet).

elseif ( isMine or not icon.onlyMine ) then

replace it with:

elseif ( (isMine and UnitIsUnit(isMine, "player")) or not icon.onlyMine ) then

Also TellMeWhen doesn't always show Mangle (Cat)/Mangle (Bear). I need to test that and see if it works with what I posted in my previous post.

So if you are looking for using TMW or RPB, go for RPB. TMW is a great addon, but the programmer behind it is not really interested in making his product work.


  1. For those following at home, RPB is RoguePowerBars:

  2. Also, I haven't had a chance to look at it, but EventHorizon might be able to provide similar information in a different format:

    Anyone using this with their kitty?

  3. Hmm, RPB isn't showing my own mangles. I have it set to my own mangle cat and mangle bear disabled, while other mangle - cat, mangle - bear enabled. This is the setting that allowed me to see both mine, or others with only one bar before 3.1.

    Has RPBs been updated somewhere else other than curse gaming?

  4. @myself, I get to your next post "the names of mangle and swipe have been changed". LOL, I'm sure that's my problem :)

    In the words of Roseanne Roseannadanna, "never mind" :)

  5. You should re-title your blog post, "Great Addons have complaining, bitching users" or "Low DPS Excuse #4, 'My Mod Broke that tells me what button to push and when.'"

    Seriously, maybe you should try maintaining a free, community add-on and see how it fits into a real life schedule. Wow, the arrogance of your post is astounding.

    If want a lazy feral dps mod, you should be using anyway.

  6. @Rick
    Thanks for your comment. However if I would make an addon I would at least test it's workings on PTR. That has clearly not been done. Sorry if you don;t fel the word lazy isn't appropriate. Maybe uninterested is a better word?

  7. @Marino
    When I checked the addon link, I didn't see a 3.1 release, so I wasn't sure what you meant about testing against the PTR. I assume you posted a bug, expecting it to be fixed for a 3.1 release (which hasn't come).

    In any case, thanks for "rewording" the title. I think if the slant had been centered around "a frustration we all feel when our favorite mods aren't updated" it might have been more appropriate. We each have those mods we can't live without, and I was happy to hear Outfitter had been picked back up by its creator for 3.1.

    Continued success with the raid progression and the blog. And check out BADKITTY. Its improved my kitty dps immensely.

  8. I will check it out. As a matter of fact curse is installing it right now. So I don't miss it when I log in tomorrow.

    Maybe I'll even spent time making a post for it if I really like it.