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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some more blue posts

Some blue post and my comment on it.

Blue post: Feral DPS
The main issue we are running into here is that the PvE dps, when pulled off properly, can be pretty high and that is what has caused some of the nerfs in 3.1. We recognize that maximizing PvE dps can require a fairly complex rotation which doesn't translate very well to PvP dps and we are considering some changes to improve that in the future.
One example would be to make Rend and Tear include mangle in its damage bonuses or add a glyph of some kind that affects more PvP centric abilities. We are just trying to be very careful to not be so focused on one aspect of the game (PvE or PvP) that we over do it in the other one.

Maybe it would be good to simplify the rotation a bit then? I don't want to be compared to a warlock that spams shadowbolt this way. Melee is not as simple as ranged DPS as it is. When you can't stand still and dps, your rotation will be screwed up. Don't give us the potential to be OP, remove that potential and make us as good as any other class.
And mangle is only a PvP thing. It has been established that mangle is a necessary evil for dps, but shred is not a real thing to use in pvp.

Blue post: New Druid form models
Druid forms are not coming in 3.1, but (big but) we are working on them. I have to say that when these do go live, it will have been worth the wait.
Finally! I myself am thinking more like an option: Form of the beast, where you can target any cat and assume it's form for catform. Would be nice and confusing though when people are assuming we are pets rather then druids.

Blue post: Feral tanking in 3.1
Bears used to have the highest armor and highest health which is no longer the case (obviously), but we added the shield ability and improve their cooldowns to try and bring them more in-line with other classes. We are keeping an eye on them and will make improvements if they turn out to be a clearly inferior tank.
The word: "clearly inferior" is unsettling. So what if we are an inferior tank, but it is not as clear. We'll be clearly not used as tanks. I recommend my guild to clearly not use any druid as MT. Only because we are not clearly inferior, but only slightly inferior. Why would a progress raiding guild ever use a druid? Why test how good a druid is as tank and wipe an extra 4 hours to find out you better use a warrior to tank?

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