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Monday, April 6, 2009

DPS test

This is a little dps test with about the same gear on 3.0.8 and 3.1. Lvl 80 dummy.

I promised this a while back and now did it finally. A dps test. Now I am not the best dpsser there is. I lack experience. Though I did ok I think. I dpssed on a lvl 80 dummy (not 83 boss) because they were mostly occupied.
Both test were done over about 6 minutes (2 berserks).

So first in 3.0.8:
  • Glyph of Mangle
  • Glyph of Rip
  • Glyph of Rake (though this does nothing dps wise)

All cycles ended a few seconds after berserk was of the 2nd cooldown. So this dps is the dps I did over that period. It was easy keeping the cycles up and didn't let any buff/debuff go off for too long. So it is pretty accurate and ok dps I think.
I did Ferocious bite 6 times. That is every time I berserk and 2-ce in the rest of the 3 minutes, done when Tigers fury gave me energy and Rip and SR had a long uptime already.

Now for 3.1.0 (PTR):
  • Glyph of Savage roar (3% extra damage when SR is up)
  • Glyph of Shred (2 seconds extra Rip time, maximum iof 6)
  • Glyph of Rip
The glyph of Savage Roar is available on PTR. It can not be discovered in traditional way though (Northrend Inscription Research). I did those all and there are none left. They will be thought by drops from bosses. A book that when read will give inscribers a random glyph they don't know yet. Glyphs on PTR can be bought from vendors (in Dalaran) for a few silver.

Since I had no Glyph of Mangle this was a hard test. After a few tries I got the hang of the cycle. The DPS meter shows 3884, but should be more like 3950 cause after the 6 minutes rip ticked on a bit. The real dps should have been higher too because I did a misclick and hit SR when it was up at 25 seconds left and Rip was off. Having no SR for extra energy then and unlucky crits made rip not tick for about 10 seconds.
It was easy keeping Faerie Fire up though. 5 minute cooldown is nice. Though it is bugged on TellMeWhen (and maybe all timers) since it didn't show uptime left.
The DPS is not as high as it promised to be a while ago, even though I have Glyph of Savage Roar now. One reason for it is that FB doesn't always crit now. (Only 25% extra from Rend and Tear).

Now the comparison:
  • White damage: is about the same. 373k damage vs 372k damage. That did not change much, or at all.
  • Ferocious bite: in 3.1.0 I had the opportunity to do a LOT more FB then in 3.0.8. One FB every Berserk and 4 in between Rips. Main reason for this is the 26 seconds Rip takes. When having 5 CP and more then 10 seconds left on both SR and Rip you are "forced" to do FB. Also, not all FB were crits anymore. Total FB is up but average damage is down.
  • Rake and Rip: In 3.1 I had trouble with the rotation, though they did a lot more damage. Rip did 84 % more damage per tick though Rake did only 10% more per tick.
  • Mangle and Shred: I did more mangle (only 12 seconds debuff vs 18 seconds), though the total number of shreds and Manlge is up. The reason is that you get more energy to spend on those hits because Rip takes less damage. It was a bit hard to always get 3 shreds in before rip was down though.
Cionclusion; The main damage increase comes from Rip. So it looks like I might should be doing less FB and more Rip, waste some energy and with 15 seconds left on Rip and 10 on SR I should be doing SR in that case and be ready to hold Rip up.
You can see I had trouble with the cycles. Rip and Rake ticked a lot more in 3.0.8 then in 3.1.0. Though they did a lot more damage (due to Crits). Main reason for this was Rip being up longer. I was also able to get more total mangle + shred. The main reason for this was that Rip was up a lot longer.
To be continued...


  1. I know this is entirely unrelated to the post so please excuse that, but I couldn't help but see your "of the nightfall" title in the screenshots. I am in the middle of putting together a group for Sarth-3D 10 man and am finding that most info on strategy is aimed at the 25 man encounter. Any post that covers at least your role in the encounter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. There are a lot of ways to do it. Depending on the tank you have and the number of cooldowns available there are 2 tactics we both tried both would have worked eventually though we went with the more dps one.
    If you have a DK tank and a priest you got enough cooldowns to survive somewhat longer, making the fight shorter. If not you will probably need an extra healer, and kill acolytes more.

    Couple of things really good to have: A shaman (if possible get 2 so they can bloodlust it every try).
    A hunter or rogue to take care of blazes. We used a hunter.

    First thing we tried:
    3 tanks (no DK, I was MT, had no FR, though that will work). 3 healers and 4 dps.
    Kill Tenebron. Shadron will be up before Tenebron is dead. Continue on Tenebron till he is dead, then take care of the blazes/whelps. The drake tank goes to where Vesperon is landing and picks him up.
    Now both acolytes will be up. If you don't have enough cooldowns (and if you need em) go kill the acolytes. Come back and dps Shadron, go kill blazes and kill acolytes when up, dps Shadron. Do this untill Shadron is dead, kill blazes and acolytes again and then continue dps on Vesperon till he is dead. Kill acolytes and finish it.
    This is a long fight meaning you need 3 healers.
    While killing the acolytes, have a melee tank the acolytes (Shaman/Retri pala would be best). Since you got 3 healers, 1 will be in there with him available to heal.

    A general tip to make it all easier for the healers. When Vesperon's acolyte is up there are 2 healers taking care of the tanks. That should work fine, but even our imba geared paladin went oom at some point. Let those healers relax and get soem out of 5 second rule mana regeneration if possible. Stop your dps when not needed. Dps is fairly slow and your threat on the drakes/Sartharion is huge. No need to hit them. Stop lacerate. hit the escape button and just stand there taking hits. It will not give you extra damage because of twilight torment.

    Now the way we did it at the end. A dps had to leave so a tank went and took his alt to the dps spot, a resto druid converted to boomkin and a DK tank (Sarth 25 man tank) took my MT place. I was Drake tank.
    So 3 tanks, 5 dps and 2 healers. 1 dps (the boomkin) was now used to offheal the enhancement shaman while he was tanking the acolytes.

    We nuked Tenebron and he went down soon, not long after Shadron landed. Continued a bit of dps on Shadron, then after the firewall I ran with Shadron to Vesperon's landing point while dps took care of the blazes/whelps.
    Continued to dps Shadron and when Vesperon landed and his acolyte was up, DPS went to kill those. DPS came back, took down the blazes (I think) and then continued dps on Shadron till he died. This is where the DK with a lot of cooldowns comes in handy. After his is dead kill blazes and acolytes once more, come back and nuke Vesperon. Then a cake walk after that.

    Kill blazes when they are a bit too much (always make sure you are not overwhelmed by too much enraged blazes all of a sudden, you might still wipe)
    For the last 15 to 20% of Sartharion use bloodlust again and dps does not ever hit the blazes.

    Either that strategy or nuke Sartharion to death. You need imba dps but it is doable. As soon as Shadron lands Sartharion needs to die then or shortly after.
    That strategy requires 1 tank, 1 healer and 8 dps. You can not hold it long, but if you got imba dps (fury warriors are recommended) you can burn him down and die right after.

    Youtube link