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Monday, April 20, 2009

First Mimiron - an epic story

Last night we killed Mimiron. It wasn't pretty. But then it wouldn't be epic now would it?

Last night was the 4th day of raiding in Ulduar for our guild. We skipped Saturday and went at it again on Sunday.

We went back to the hotfixed Ignis and killed him, first on the server. We got the server first because we spent 3 hours wiping on him on Wednesday already (before the fix). After that we went to Mimiron, who promised to be a real challenge. I wasn't there for the most part. Wasn't online soon enough and the raid was full as we don't use signups while progress raiding. As soon as enough people are online we go at it.
I did get subbed in at Mimiron and then got subbed out (see my previous post).

Then I got back in and we got to phase 4 that try with half the raid alive. The next try we went to phase 4 again, but this time with all 25 people alive. This is where it became epic.

None of us had any real practice on phase 4. Though phase 4 is a combination of phase 1, 2 and 3. So we acted like it was phase 1, dodging the barrage and having a tank on the head.
However for me phase 4 ended very quickly. The lower part started to cast his aoe and I ran out. Hard to see where mines are (with the middle and top part stacked on top of the lower part) I managed to not hit any mine! I turned around and ran to his back again. Just at that time it occurred to me that he was doing barrage. Which is like Lurker but slower and only 150 degrees or so.

You might wonder: How did you notice the barrage then. Well I saw my fat Tauren corpse on the floor. That was pretty much it for me.
The fight continued though. One by one we started dying (I was not the first to die btw). Rockets, barrage, the top part killing our ranged tank, some melee getting hit by a mine, and of course the normal shooting an hitting of the middle and bottom part respectively.

All 3 parts have to die simultaneously (within 10 or 15 seconds), or they repair to 50%. So we were trying to coordinate that. First time ever we were doing that so it was 3 people yelling different numbers on vent. "Stop at 5!" - "It is at 3.5" - "Bottom part is at 2.1million" - "No stop at 5%"

When you kill them there is actually a small bar left. They are not fully dead. So it is kinda hard to see if a part is dead or not. Because of people dying we had to take them close to death or else we could not burst the last few to death.
The lower part died first, then the head, though it seemed the head had died first. The few people left were nuking all they had. At that point the lower part was at 20% health again. It had started repair! People on vent crying out in dispair when just at that moment: DING! 25 people had gotten the achievement. Apparently the lower part had not repaired fully yet meaning it was still dead.

The raidleader and tank were so overjoyed they accidentally ran into a mine afterwards and died. We had 6 people left standing.

Next up General Vezax.

Status: 10 bosses down, 3 server first kills, 10 horde first kills. Working on general Vezax atm.

PS. A lot is happening in wow now. Making a pretty large number of posts. Be sure to check if you didn't miss any.

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