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Friday, April 17, 2009

Hey everybody come and see how great I look!

I GOT T8.5 !!!

Just a quick one. got little time. And any time I have I should be raiding but...

I am the first horde on the server to have t8.5 chest, together with a warrior from my guild. Probably the allied guild Revelations got that already. Good chance I am the first druid.
We killed Hodir. He was super easy really. First try we got him to 41%. We took him down third try. I MT-ed with full frost resistance (535).
Some DBM lag (I think) made the other tank die. I Taunted him off too late, though I taunted him as soon as possible. He was supposed to tank without much frost resistance. I don't know why we used 2 tanks to begin with. I tanked him solo the last 30%, though threat was a bit low (with 4 frost items with no offensive stats at all). But I held it ok.

More on Ulduar to come.

Status now: 6 bosses down. (Of course Heroic, what else is there).
First 2 bosses were server fists. The rest is horde first.


  1. Wish I had the time to raid this week.

    So far our guild's only got 2 hours in due to server instability, and I'm away for the Friday & Sunday raids. Sucks.

  2. Why do you worry about threat in this fight? The boss is tauntable.

  3. Weird question. A good tank never looses threat. In some circumstances it is possible but a good tank proves himself in those moments. Keeping threat is the nr1 job of the tank.