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Friday, May 1, 2009

Normal mode

Ulduar 10 man cleared too.

Today we started raiding at a little past 19:30. There were not enough people available for 25 so we did 10 man. First time I was there 10 man. We had cleared all bosses by 2:20. Ok a bit late, so it is not a real one raid kill but it soon will.
Unbelievable how easy Ulduar 10 man is. I fucked up on Yogg-saron otherwise that too would have been a oneshot without death. We did about 4 hard modes/extra achievement things, gotten 6 boses oneshotted without a death. Ulduar 10 man is really easy.

I'll do it next week and the next and just simply farm achievements. There are a few really hard ones, but a lot of things are really forgiving.

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