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Saturday, May 16, 2009

So long... friend?

Today (well yesterday for me at least) Karthis announced he'll stop playing WoW. The title is not to announce me stopping. I am addressing it to Karthis, if he'll allow me to call him a friend.

Most of you know Karthis or at least his blog, Of Teeth and Claws. I myself found him a couple of months ago and he was an inspiration for me to start this blog and a good source of information.
He is a friendly guy and I am sad to see him stop playing WoW. I might have seen it coming, might have known in the back of my head. It doesn't really come as a surprise to me, though I didn't know, as he mentioned, he had quit a few times before already for some periods of time.

I myself have quit playing WoW a couple of times too. Most of the times it seems to coincide with me moving. First time (was playing my lock back then, august 2005), I went from a student house to my own apartment and I stopped playing. Then after 6 months I realized there was nothing else that came close to WoW and came back. Then I stopped twice more. Both for about a month or 2 when I first moved in with my girlfriend, the second time when we moved to where we live now. I never stopped my subscription though. Moving was more important then.

After that I never stopped from the game, and only stopped raiding for a period of 6 months since it had nothing much to offer me. I had seen Illidan. We took him down (when I was not there) and the week after when I met him we had two 1% wipes. Mission accomplished. Never cared about Sunwell at all. The game was done. End boss killed. Basta.

Now I find myself in kind of the same situation as Karthis if I am honest. I am not planning to stop playing and I owe it to the rest of the guild to keep tanking, but I don't feel compelled to anything in the game really. Probably because I am working more these days. I tend to value sleep more then farming. I only raid and do some dailies. Today and 2 other days this week I didn't even bother logging in to do the dailies. Though on 2 of those 3 days there were raids, I could not join them because I had not enough time that day. I could have logged an hour for dailies only though, but to my own surprise I didn't.

So I wonder why? I realize that having everything I want from the game in 3 weeks of 3.1 is kinda demoralizing. In Naxx I wanted to get all those items, get all BiS items there were. Huge upgrades. Lots of loot drops! Yes! Gief!
Now it is like... Ok, I got full t8.5. I got the best staff. The rest, like boots are relatively big upgrades, but still minor ones compared to 3.0 upgrades. I don't want anything from the game anymore really.

So what does it have left to offer for me? Hard modes? I totally agree with Karthis there. It is nice yes, but it is so boring to do that week after week. I saw a real nice upgrade left for me. It only drops from hard mode 10 man Yogg-saron. Come on!? I have to strain myself to the max for 10 man? I have to hope for it to drop? I am not gonna do that. Screw em. So screw me.

The wait till 3.2 when a new instance is opened. That is actually what the game has to offer me. I hope I find some fun in stuff to come though. Maybe go balance instead of feral dps, though balance seemed to me incredibly dull those 3 days that I played it.

One last thing. I thought about what it would be like if I wasn't this geared. If we were at Mimiron or anything before that. What it would be like if my guild was like it used to be. Wiping on Prince while others were killing Kael'thas. Essentially I would have to step down and join a worse guild. I don't think I could do that though. The best way I think is to describe it with a metaphor.

It is like driving a Porsche that handles really well and makes driving easy and dull. So to make it exiting again you would sell your Porsche and buy a Toyota Corolla without power steering instead. But you would not be able to enjoy it at all, knowing what it feels like going from 0 to 100 kmph in 6 seconds in a Porsche.
The only option left is to keep your Porsche and go hard mode. Drive 200 kmph (where for non-metric the speed limit is 120) and dodge all speed traps and police cars.

So I guess it is the pedal to the metal for me then.


  1. Hey.... it's been a blast, and I loved it while it lasted. While I quit last summer for a while, this time it feels different.... and a lot of it has to do with the changes to the target audience.

    Anyhow - keep up the great blogging, and you know where to find me if you ever feel the urge to chat.

  2. Sorry you guys find it dull.
    Ulduar is still a big challange for us.
    Looking forward to getting further, and very excited about it.

  3. @Anon
    That is exactly my point.

  4. Though you have Twisted Visage, that is not the best staff. For the best staff you have to hit Freya hard mode, but apparently you're not interested in hard modes. This is weird because weren't we all going nuts over Sarth 3D and wasn't it a great feeling whenever you finally downed the bastard? Then how has that changed to Ulduar? They've said many times that it's supposed to be easy going through normal mode content; hard mode is where more serious players wanting a challenge are going to get their fun.

    What surprises me more is that you're already asking what the game has left for you and you haven't even finished the instance, in fact no one has. Algalon has hardly been seen let alone killed. Looking at your armory you could use a few more upgrades from Ulduar, both rings, mirror of truth, wrists, back. You really only need 2 piece T8.5 so you can swap one out for something better.

    Yeah, nitpicking going on but that's all non-initial raids are going to give you is minor upgrades to what your currently have. My main point was that if you're serious about having the gear you already want, some of us may think you're delusional. Secondly, how you've already classified hard modes are boring though you haven't even cleared the regular version.

    In truth if you're not playing with the right group of people this game will get boring. I'm lucky to be playing it with my brother and good RL friend, so things never get that dull.

    Just my $0.02.

  5. @anon
    Gief more 2 cents. I'll be rich.

    The thing is really that I think 1 hard mode (Sarth) was nice. You could fail him and kill him 2 drakes the last try.
    I don't really like it when you have tried one boss hard mode and you fail you go on to an other boss and try to do him hard mode. Hard mode on anything but the last boss has the same feeling as wasting time to get to the next.

    There are also too many hard modes. Sarth was done as soon as hard mode was done.

    Also the fun about progression I think is learning a fight and going on to the next boss. That has been taken. We know all bosses. It is to me no longer doing a boss you haven't done before, it is more like bothering with a boss and struggling while you can easily kill him and move on to the next boss.

    My €0,02 ;)