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Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am so happy now!

It has been a bit quiet from me in posting. Was thinking about making a post on General Vezax dps (which is the best fight for me). But I think I'll wait for that a bit cause with my recent upgrade I might overagro the tank this week.

Pictures say more then words...

Today was a real nice raiding day. We had a few stupid wipes. Killed 7 bosses in Ulduar, all of the Vault and Malygos and Sarth2d, just for the loot. All withing a normal raiding time (4 hours... a bit more).

We killed Thorim, oneshotted him. I got my t8.5 helmet. Completing my whole t8.5 set. I am even hitcapped now in cps gear. Would like a bit more expertise tbh, but I am quite happy I have 18% spell hit rating on Growl ;)

And what I am even more happy about... I got the most imba weapon in the game at the moment (excluding the pvp one). Twisted Visage.

Kinda sad that the only upgrades I can get most likely will not change the way I look. So till 3.2 this is what I look like. Maybe I get a better tanking helmet.


  1. I'm interested to know what you think of Twisted Visage vs. Origin of Nightmares. I think Origin is still better for pure survivability. Although, Visage is clearly superior for threat gen. Is Visage going to be you're primary tanking weapon now?

  2. I have both, and yes it is going to be my main weapon. Reason for it is that it has a LOT of agility, More then Origin of Nightmares.
    However you loose about 50 stamina. That doesn't really matter I think. Dodge + crit > stamina. Gives more SD shield too.

    Will I stop using Origin of Nightmares? Simply: no. I will use it whenever I need stamina. My stamina gear (polar set + ring) I always carry around with me. So whenever a lot of stamina is needed I will equip that staff too. I will even enchant it with Blood Draining because when you need stamina you are often low on health. That is when the Blood Draining is nice.

  3. Btw, according to the newest rawr version (2.2.2) Twisted Visage brings about 3.2% more Mitigation and looses 22% Survival. But since Mitigation is a way bigger part of this weapon then Survival, in total (Survival + Mitigation) it only looses 3.8%

  4. Ugh taurens look so ugly in tier8! Nelfs all the way baby.

    Grats!!! I've noticed, however, that you do tend to post a lot of pics of yourself each time you get an upgrade, however minor.

    Kinda narcissistic imo.

  5. Taurens look way better then belfs, but that is a personal thing ;)

    The whole idea of a blog can be considered a narcissistic thing too if you think like that. And what is so wrong with having the personal achievement "look great" and telling people about it in my blog? I do not expect everyone to like it. I do not expect people to comment. I post it and if you wanna comment, you can.