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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Never buy mana drinks...

You don't ever have to wait to shapeshift after a spec change.

When respeccing you go all out of mana. That kinda sucks. You have to wait before you can shapeshift. But there are ways to avoid it.
  • Innervate, kinda self explanatory and it refenerates your mana to full now (new patch) in 5 or 6 seconds. Well if you are not earing any intellect items that is.
  • Be in the shape you want to be in. Cat to bear spec: First equip tanking gear, heal to full, go to bearform and then respec. No need for mana.
  • Eat! Nice if you have a mage with you, but if you are doing anythign else then a raid it is a waste to have mana food with you. And using buff food is not really needed and kind of a waste too.
  • Lifebloom! Not having any lifebloom improvements it lasts 7 seconds. Cast lifebloom on yourself and if possible on someone friendly target. Get 3 stacks on both. Be sure to first do the friendly target, then yourself and immediately after (within 0.5 seconds, a bit longer with haste) respec. You will get about 500 mana returned from your lifebloom. Per stack. In total there are 6 stacks. So you get returned about 3k mana. Kinda nice I think.


  1. that lifebloom thing is HAXXXX!!!

    can't wait to try it next time

  2. With the patch change to Innervate, the target gets 450% of the Druid's base Mana. Glyphing for it provides an 90% of the Druid's base mana to the Druid. So, for a glyphed Boomkin or Tree, you'll get 540%. I tested this out yesterday just to see. And even while casting I was near full mana within 10-12 seconds.