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Friday, May 8, 2009


Some mobs in Ulduar have guaranteed trash epix??? Do not miss them. Get em all!

Last wednesday when we were doing Ulduar 25 we went for Hodir. Now what happened there might be pure luck, a glitch or it might be intended.

The trash before Hodir consists of 4 different kinds of mobs:
  1. small snakes that spawn from heaps of snow;
  2. large stone elementals, who are accompanied by...
  3. .. 3 smaller stone elementals;
  4. big giants.
The first trash you encounter is such a giant. He dropped an epic.
Then a bit further in, the cave forks. At that point is the second giant. He dropped an epic.
Now here you go left, clear some other trash and you are at Hodir. WRONG! Go right. It is a dead end. No trash at all, except for 1 giant. And guess what? He dropped an epic too.

So whenever you are clearing towards Hodir, don't forget to clear the giant at the right.


  1. Full clear of all the Hodir trash and no purples. :(

  2. Ok thanks for the input. Thanks for trying my advice. XD
    Question, was it 10 or 25 man and did you do it on the first day in the instance?
    It might be that it only happens wednesday, only the first day in Ulduar or maybe only 25 man. Still worth investigating.

  3. It was 10 man, and it was the 2nd day in the instance on that Raid ID. 25 we where past that point.

    We have downed Yogg every week on 10 since release, and I would agree that the Hodir trash does seem to drop the most epics.

    On a completely different note feral cower needs a huge buff(more reduction) imo, thoughts?

  4. He. Yes Whenever I am on general Vezax I am at 90% of the tanks dps. I do cower and i see no change what soever ;)

  5. So just to be a further kill joy, we cleared it all last night, fresh instance, 25 man, no epics. We did however get 3 from the two trash pulls for Deconstructor.

  6. Ah ok so it was pure luck. You are talking about the first day after thee reset right? Which means you are on US servers. I myself am on European servers, not able to raid tonight.

    Maybe something that happens more. Something maybe /roll 1000: You rolled 829! Gz. All hodir giants give epix.
    You might have had something like: You rolled 452! Gz. Deconstructor mobs drop epix.

    Or it was a 1 in a million thing we had ;)

    PS you are talking about cleared all Hodir trash no? Sure you don't mean you cleared all of Ulduar in 1 day?

  7. Think that might have been pure luck. The first week we went in there (release week) we did go the wrong way and cleared that giant but got nothing. We've skipped it since but perhaps next week I'll give it a shot.

    Found your blog through Karthis, keep up the good work. I recently started my own blog focusing more on cat druiding (link in my name), take a peek if you're interested!

  8. Anonymous here, yes I am on the US server Detheroc named cavlon. And yes, I was talking the Hodir trash.

    Perhaps we should check the alignment of the stars the night you got yours, cross reference that against the international date line and what you had for lunch.... darn that RNG :)