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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TEF is Recruiting

TEF is recruiting.

Hey all. Nothing about feral druids, but I guess sometimes some non ferals are reading this as well. My guild, The Esoteric Foundation, is recruiting atm, lots of classes. We had some people drop due to not raiding enough and some others just proved not good enough. Then of course there are the couple of people that have things going on in their personal life etc.
One thing. We are not really recruiting feral druids at the moment, but if you are a good player there is a decent chance you will get in.

Who is The Esoteric Foundation?
We are the nr1 horde guild, PVE progress wise, on the server at the moment, only 1 alliance guild is a bit ahead of us. So we expect pretty good skills and dedication. Everybody says that their guild is a friendly guild. I myself never was in many guilds, been a member of TEF for a long time now, but what I hear from people that have left us is that they really miss the atmosphere and the people in the guild.
TEF is playing on EU server called Defias Brotherhood, RP-PVP server, but there is not much RP going on there. Though If you would wish to idle some time in Dalaran and RP a bit you are more likely to find others to join you then on other servers of course.

So if you are interested and you got a rogue friend, a dedicated DK buddy or your wife is a warlock, or none of that all, check out our site and make an application on our forum.
Here you can check out all classes we are looking for (top left). At the moment we are looking for everything basically. Everything but hunters and priests.

Oh one thing. You must be able to take criticism by a somewhat pissed off raidleader from time to time... only if you fuck up of course. ;)

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