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Monday, May 18, 2009

What happened to expertise?

I am starving for expertise right now!

I have a dilemma. Before 3.1 I used to be craving for hit rating. Now I got Twisted Visage and I probably won't get an other weapon. It has a lot of hit. Then all other items that dropped also have a lot of hit. Got a couple of items that used to be worth a lot to me. Now that I have this much hit rating those that have hit rating have devaluated a lot.

Now with t8.5 I find myself looking at the other cap. Expertise. My tanking gear can't miss anything though I am barely expertise (soft) capped. That isn't too bad. The items are still BiS (best in slot), or the best I have. So overall it is better.

Now for cat I am a bit more worried. I had balanced that gear around expertise cap. The items I have now are so much better that I really want to equip them but it makes me loose the expertise cap. Being below expertise cap is something I really don't want. There are a couple of bosses in Ulduar you can;t really dps from behind So now in Ulduar expertise is worth more then it was before I seem to be lacking it.

Only thing to do is to get the 226 level item trinket that also boosts haste from Malygos. I kinda feel trinkets in WotLK are made for that special reason; to fill in for those extra stats you want but can't get from gear unless gimping yourself a lot since they mostly only got 1 or 2 stats.
But since that boss is bugged now I probably won't get it any time soon.

Any of you experiencing the same?

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