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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blogsourcing: How can I gain 118 times SD with 93 crits?

We switched from WWS to World of Logs. If looks much nicer. Was just looking at our 10 man Hodir wight where I was MT and noticed something weird about SD.

Here is the link:
Worls of Logs

If you look at the tab Buff Gained you will see that I have 118 times gained SD. If you look at damage done I did 93 crits.
Now 2 things can be here. 1 the data is not 100% correct. Though I find that strange. So how is it possible?

Also I can't find how often it is removed and total damage absorbed. Anyone less blind then me or is it not in there?

Thanks to Yrkoonia; it is the lacerate ticks which in the statistics show no crits, just an average. 25 crits in 63 ticks seems about right.


  1. latency issues i would assume, it's why was suggested somewhere (can't remember where) to make it a buff that can stack up to 3 times so some other latency issues don't happen

  2. Must be... I don;t see an explanation that could work. I mean The crit would have to be out of range for the person doing the tracking, but I would have to be in range. I don't get it ;)

  3. My Guess, Crit on a Parry. It's posible that the crit is calcualted before the parry?

  4. So you say that I crit but that the boss parries it? I only missed 12 attacks. So that doesn't make up for the 25 difference.

  5. I dont know if you have thought of this, but maybe you crit on a glancing hit? but i dont remember if the glancing hit is rolled for on the first roll or the second.

    If crits are rolled for on the first roll and glancing on the second then that could explain it... not too sure though.

  6. I don't think there are glancing hits. I had 6 normal melee hots that were not converted into maul.

  7. Hmm, is Lacerate dot crits accounted for ?

  8. Yes that is it! Lacerate itself crits 12/29 times. The 63 ticks however show no crits.

    25/63 is about the same ratio as 12/29 so I think it is 99.9% sure those missing 25 crits are from lacerate ticks. Thanks!

    PS nice way to deducs lacerate tick crit rating.