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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dailies tactics

The "new" dailies are pretty easy for tanks. Well that is what I found.

Just something in between druid/raiding related posts. About the "new" dailies in 3.1.

I don't do dailies for money. I rather grind on my herbing/ming alt. I do dailies for other purposes. Those are in general 2 things, rep and reward/purchasable items.
With regard to rep, I have all faction rep maxed (at least those factions that have dailies) so there is no need to do it.
I recently stopped doing WG dailies since I got enough of those stone thingies to buy the pvp mammoth. Yes I know I don't run (have not ever done) enough heroics. But then again there was never a need for that really.

So what dailies do I have left? Ice bear mount. Brunhildar (if I write it correctly) village one. I still need that mount. Fishing (I just love to fish), cooking (need to cook some food sometimes, and I want that chef's hat).

Then there are the tournament dailies, new in 3.1. I do those every day, just to get the pets and mounts. These quests are really nice when you are a druid, or a tank in general.
First the obvious, Threat from above. 3 man quests that for any decent gear tanking druid is pretty easy (until some sad allied guy thinks it is funny to gank you). Luckily it isn't that much of a problem.

Now the non obvious one. Jousting. Winning from the champions while riding your mount. I am talking doing it solo, and not with you just keeping the shield down and an other player killing your mob instead of you.

My girlfriend sucks at killing the champions. Though she isn't a raider, I have found that a very effective strategy is kinda like tanking. It goes like this.
When you are fighting (close combat) from time to time the champion walks away. If you wait you can throw a shield breaking thing, but you have seldom the time to charge too, while the champion itself has time to do both. So a defensive (very slow) tactic is to charge as soon as possible, giving the champion not the chance to throw and charge himself.
Sometimes you charge and overshoot the champion you turn around and get the chance to throw a shield breaking thing afterwards.

Now to speed it all up this is where things we have learned by tanking comes in very handy. ALWAYS walk backwards. Kite him, something that comes natural to tanks for positioning purposes, whereas non tanks might always move by the mouse.

Walking backwards results in the following; You are in close combat, spam the 1 and 2 button. When he is too close you hit 1 and damage him. If he somehow stops moving for a sec you hit him with the shield breaking thing if possible.
Then he goes and walks away. You have to be not unlucky here where he walks away in your direction. If he walks away in any other direction, because you ware walking backwards you get to throw that thing WAY earlier. Then when GCD is down you charge him, and if possible, overshoot him turn around and throw one more shield breaker thing.
You will most likely loose 1 (seldom 2) shields. But that in no way weight up to the 2 or 3 the champion looses. Then in close combat refresh your shield. It is a can't fail tactic that is very fast.

Ps, while moving backwards use the left and right button to navigate.


  1. Very good idea for the backing up constantly part. I normally do those jousting dailies without a problem, and normally only back up when they turn away, to get some quick distance, so I'll add that one to my tactics. As for their shield-breaker/charge, I've seen them perform these moves while being too close, and consecutively. Like charging then, throwing a shield-breaker in mid-charge.

  2. They are bugged, but if you'd ask Blizzard they would say it is how it works.
    They have no GCD like us I suspect. So they throw and then charge. The throwing animation takes a while I guess so when they start throwing and charge a millisecond later you will see them throwing it to you while charging. They also can only do it while at a certain range too. But when they do it, you move in closer and they are not far away enough. Then after a second the server tells you they threw that thing and they charged. So that is why they seemingly can do it while being too close.
    I get that often the other way too though. I tell the server I wanna charge and it doesn't happen, the champion charges in and then when he is behind me then the server acknowledges my charge command and I charge them anyway, overshooting them at which point I can turn around and throw one more.

    I call it a bug, but it is just the way it works.