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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A little too relaxed...

This is the message I wrote on my guild's forum.

It has been fun.

Hey guys. I sadly have to announce that raiding is no longer an option for me. Last week I had to unsign all raids because of my newly started job which at that point drained all my energy.
Looking to the future I see other stuff coming my way, next to my new full time work, and I have not the time to spend on raiding as is required. Sadly I don't get too much joy from raiding in WotLK as I once did. If that was the case I might have been able to get energy from raiding, though currently it is draining more from me then I can give with my new irl situation. So this is it for me.
Being here from day 1 I feel at home in TEF and if you would let me I'd like to stay in the guild as a social member, though I can understand if you don't.

Good luck in Ulduar and I bet you will be at least horde first in 3.2 as well!

So what does it mean for this blog? Well basically I won't be raiding. I will have no drive to do hard calculations on what talent is best for what and what a certain development means for the future of druids in raids. Nor will you will get any valuable information (for as much that was the case before) about raiding.

This blog will become a more casual blog. Next upcoming post will be about the bearforms and cat forms I just saw on PTR and how disappointed I am in them. I might join a few raids or instances but most of the time I see myself doing non-raiding and non-pvp (hate pvp) achievements. Not as much game achievements though personal achievements. Leveling my 4 alts to 80, gearing them a bit, grinding mobs for that one drop (which believe it or not I think is fun and is taken largely out of WotLK), playing casual and just for the fun.


  1. welcome to the world of casual players :-)
    try to get used to not being geared to the max and have fun playung the GAME!
    yes it's just a game ... some people seem to forget this now and then ;-)
    i will miss your expertise and your blogs always been an excellent guide for my feral dudu!

  2. Ah good to know people still read my blog :D

  3. Sweetie,

    Although I too am a casual raider, I enjoy your blog and I welcome you to the world of the casual player. I do this knowing that you are Horde ;) Sometimes the real world is more important.


  4. As always, I have enjoyed your blog during the run and welcome to us casual players. But look at the bright you got the time to get that sprite darter and firefly you may have had your eye on :)

    Sometimes the raid side needs a break. Congrats on the job, cause as we all know...the job pays the wow subscription

  5. Thanks :D

    I've been more then a bit relaxed lately. Lot of stuff to do next to my job at the moment. Haven't even logged in to WoW since and was wonderig if I should not cancel my subscription. You are talking about the grinding and yes thank you! That is what I like. Care free grinding for stuff. I'll do that as soon as I find some time.