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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Balance coming up... I think?

A head's up of my Balance adventures.

Yesterday I realized how much I like to dps when standing still. I so hate those huge like mobs without a real defined hitbox. Most of all the arms of Kologarn. I never know where the fuck I am. I have to watch my messages to see why the fuck I am not hitting him. "You need to face your target". With large groups I have one selected, doing Berserk and wanna swipe. Well the mob is either somehow behind me or too far in front of me. How fucking annoying.

So since we have a huge wave of newbies we are doing a lot of bosses easy mode. Next Wednesday I will go Balance if they let me. Would mean a 1.5k dps reduction or so, but that should not be that much of a deal on 25 man easy mode.

My gear is pretty much ok. A lot of gear that was being disenchanted (nobody greeded) I got, and instead of disenchanting I kept the caster gear, swapped it for crappier caster gear I already had and then disenchanted the crappy thing. The guild still had the shards, and my gear is very nice!

Yesterday I spent some time (too much time) configuring my gear. Don't know how well Rawr is for balance, but I used it to see where I could get upgrades. So now I have my 3rd t8.5 helmet. Now when fully gemmed I am hitcapped (266 rating, which is 3 above the cap I am told), I have 409 haste, but not too much crit though. Though I still have to see where I am at when I have respecced. My spellpower, coming from gear alone (and maybe some random feral stat) is at 1820. So that should be close to 2k selfbuffed in the correct spec.

Not bad for off-offspec gear. No?

PS I really want to see triple spec (Meaning dual spec + 1 extra).


  1. Hit Cap for a Balance Druid with Balance of Power and Imp FF is 262, so you're 4 over.

    Max dps cast rotation with low crit is IS/Wrath (providing you also have Imp IS). Taking Glyphs for MF (Reduces initial Damage by 90% but increase tick damage by 75%) and IS (increases damage by 20% by removes the enemies 2% reduction to hit) is good to up DPS if you want to put MF in the rotation. Plus, Imp IS will boost SF crit by 3% on targets affected by MF, plus FF increases crit by 3%.

    Basically, there's a ton of theory craft for Balance Druids. My Spec is pretty raid solid, and good for PvE daily grinding as well. Check me out on Armory. Daemetos of Deathwing.

  2. 4 over ah well.. Though I remember (it was late) I took the Shattrath head enchant, giving 14 hit and 22 spellpower, meaning I could drop 1 16 hit gem and get a 19 spellpower in.
    So that is 266 - 16 + 14 = 264 is 2 hit over cap. Pretty ok I think.

    And lol so many Abbreviations for shit I normally don't use :D I had to take the talent tree there and see what it all meant.

    Thanks for the comment though.
    PS this will most likely be my (raiding) spec and glyphs. Care to comment?

    Basic differences, I am not focusing on aoe at all. Drains mana and there is not a lot of bosses where that extra aoe is worth it.
    So no typhoon, no gale winds. Also I don't use dreamstate.
    Does your build work for you? I am really siurprised to see you have no omen of clarity in there, which is a real mana saver. Also you have no treants. I have heared from a guildy that treants do a LOT of damage, especially if you save them for bloodlust. Also eclipse is very nice as a major dps increase thing. No? I feel thyphoon, extra aoe damage and mana regen don't weigh up to that much.

  3. I think many moonkin use Rawr, and it's fairly reliable for choosing gear, but for determining your rotation you'll probably want to grab WrathCalcs off the EJ forums. It's a spreadsheet that will let you plug in your stats and buffs (and your latency as well, which Rawr will not account for) and in return will show you your dps for the different possible rotations and tell you which one you should use based off those results.

    If properly raid buffed it's possible to go without any mana regen talents. You can look at my spec if you'd like (Hana of Skywall US). I rarely run out of mana, but I'm also allowed to keep Innervate for myself. Between Innervate and potting I'm good for mana for 95% of the 25-man fights I go into.

    With 10-mans I run the risk of going oom, especially if we're missing replenishment for some reason, but if you mainly plan on doing 25-mans, you can drop a lot of regen talents. I'd experiment with the spec you chose and if you see that you're not running out of mana start dropping points from Moonglow and Intensity. Omen of Clarity was the last mana regen talent I got rid of.

    I'd also recommend picking up Starfall. It still does significant dps against a single target when you consider that it's an instant cast. One cast of Starfall will do more damage per execution time on a single target than any other moonkin spell save Force of Nature, and you get to cast Starfall twice as often (and not worry about whether or not it'll live).

  4. To hit Kologarn's hands, just face the boss, I have my melee DPS stack on the tank.

    From " need to face his torso to melee, not face the arm itself."

  5. @Hana
    Thanks for the info.

    @Bullshi... ehm Bitshift :P
    Thanks for that. I will get in range and face the torso then.

  6. Well, if you're looking at Naxx 10 or 25, most every trash pull is AoE. I haven't been deep into Ulduar yet, so I don't know how much AoE comes into play there.

    I keep my MP5 high because of the Hurricane/Typhoon. I have to agee, Treants are pretty good, but the CD on them isn't as useful as one might think (3 mins) as opposed to Typhoon (20/30 sec?).

    Eclipse: only trul;y useful for swap casting. Wrath crits increase Starfire crit chance by 30%. Starfire Crits increase Wrath damage by 30%. (both effects are next cast only.)

    I dropped Omen of Clarity and I haven't noticed any serious Mana issues. But I guess that may be because I have such a high MP5 and Crit rating.
    Moonkin Form: chance on (single target) Crit to regain 2% mana. This was changed from ANY crit because Hurricane can crit every target it hits, and back at release of that ability I could inifinately AoE and always be at full mana.

    But I always take into consideration/say "Everyone has their own play style, and what one person prefers may not be what someone else would prefer, and it may not work as well for them as it does others." The way I look at my spec is it's a good basis, and for the most part people will probably copy most of it. I have about 6 talent points that can be played with and placed elsewhere depending on the situation.

    As for Spec/Glyphs:
    Minor Glyphs: pretty standard.

    Major Glyphs: If you plan on using MF/SF then SF Glyph is good. Otherwise I'd swap it out with Innervate**

    Spec: It's solid. Maybe Omen can

  7. now I forgot what I was typing. I had to stop and go to work. lol

    Basically, what it comes down to is preference. What one person likes, someone else may not, so find what works best for you and rock it out