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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jerks are unfriendly...

Elitist jerks. I hope those people never have to review my tax return.

I used to be active on Elitist jerks. I don't like the guys.
I used one abbreviation and a misspell in the first post. I got flamed by a moderator for 3 things I had written wrong. Infraction. Although they guy admitted that on of those reasons was not valid and was his own stupidity I still got the infraction.

I was then pretty new to all druid mechanics. So some "stupid" post I made, of something I was unaware gave me an infraction.

I find that harsh. But ok, I get it.

Also being friendly doesn't get you much there.

Got an other for wanting to post a question. I went to the forum and thought I had to respond to someone else first. I could have ignored him, but I had some good advise for him (for which he thanked me in a personal message). I forgot what my own question was about so I left the forum. Later I remembered it and asked it. It was not one line and something completely different then my response. So I made a new post. WARNING WRONG WARNING! Double posting. Infraction.

Some more crappy things that I disagree with they gave me an infraction for.

Now today someone asked a pretty basic question in the simple questions section. If he had searched harder on the forum he would have found the answer. But since it was simple questions I gave him a response. So I got another infraction.

3 simple rules I learned from this.
1: Don't be nice;
2: Stay away from anyone who calls himself elitist;
3: Start your own blog and write any crap you WTFPWNED LOLOLOL you want to write yourself.

PS I know a lot of you are on there as well and I most likely agree with you and understand that there is a need to keep it strict, but to lack common sense is something else.


  1. I'v always steered clear of that place unless it's for a class which is not my own and i want to read some theory crafting (as i'm unlikely to know the mechanics on say windfury main hand versus offhand for example)

  2. My sentiment on the EJ forum is the same as yours. They are useful to read, or rather I suppose, were useful in BC (Murmurs posts on the Moonkin WOW forums or the Reliquary are LIGHT YEARS ahead), but I don't ever reply to any thread now.

    And to add to your list of infractions, I got one for thanking Efejel for his spreadsheet. Apparently it was a "useless" post to thank someone for his work...

  3. Indeed I can see how they would not value someone pointing to the fact that the previous post is something to read rather then to skip.

    The whole idea of the forum is that they want to have every thing only ONCE on the forum. Best way to do it is to make posts on every thing once. Make a list indexing that stuff so it is easy to look for. Can't find stuff? Ask a question, get referred or get and anser resulting in a new post.

    Like Expertise post, Hit post. Then a question on Hit vs Expertise will result in a new thread. Would be much better then searching through 40 pages on a thread where you don't even know if the info is in that threat.

    Then again, there is a search field. Funny thin is, something smaller then 4 characters can't be searched on. So agi, str, sta, arp, ap can't be searched.

    I think Tarskins option is the best, though reading the definately upcoming 3.2 pach notes thread will be interesting since all changes are chewed out for you there.