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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday night dailies - a story

How a DK can make your day.

Meet Drethen. I met him about an hour ago. As you can see he is fully epic and has 4 pieces of the Valarous set. If he would fight you at first you would think he would be able to at least do you some harm. No?

Well there I was, doing dailies. I was in Brunhildar village and I had to hit 6 lazy people over the head with a cane. Still doing that daily because I want the polar bear mount.
So I ran in there, hit 1, 2, 3 mobs. I never kill them. I just hit em, keep on running in catform and after I hit the last one I dash out of there. I don't bother killing them and they only get me down 3k health max or so.

After hitting mob nr 3 I ran past an ally. Didn't bother to check him. I suddenly noticed I had stopped running and had some ice chain thing around my ankles. I turned and saw him coming after me. I went bearform (which versus melee is the easiest to do I find, being in bear spec and gear already). So I started hitting him, swiping and in the process having 4 additional Vrykul on my ass.
To my surprise Drethen died really fast. He wasn't naked for as far as I could see. I don't know where his health went that fast, but it being Saturday night, I guess he was drunk :D

So he died. I swiped the Vrykul to death and was still at 80% of my health ^^. I laughed hard and then when he ressed next to me I decided to become a masochist. I was in cat, hit him a few times, 5CP Rip and then as he ran away I walked after him very slowly, making sure not to hit him, watching him die from the ticks.
I hid, killed him again. Then I went and finished my quest. On my way out I could not resist myself. I met him again, made sure I did a /laugh before I killed him and then went to turn in the quest.

What the hell was he thinking attacking a druid who was clearly wearing an Ulduar weapon... What the hell was he thinking. My lvl 70 hunter could have killed him.

This totally made my day.
If you ever read this Dreathen, thank you! ;)


  1. I thought that only kids did sporn rape!

  2. Sporn rape? Explain to me what that is. And if you accuse me of something... he started it! ;)

  3. He definitely had it coming IMO.

    I don't like ganking, personally... Even if I would be good at PvP (Which I am most definitely not) I wouldn't go around killing people just for the heck of it.

    But every once in a little while, someone like Drethen shows up, someone who obviously doesn't know he sucks, and is immature enough to feel good about killing someone who is clearly at a disadvantage, running from three mobs already...

    Seriously, he deserved every bit of the embarrassment of dying and annoyance from corpserunning he got. Probably even more.

  4. I had a similar experience while fishing in Wintergrasp.

    This 80 ret paladin comes outa nowhere and starts beating on my from behind. I shift into bear form and Maul/Mangle. Dead paladin. With my fishing pole equipped. How embarassing for that poor guy.

    I just kept fishing right where I was and a few seconds later I see his corpse turn into a skeleton (when he rezzed apparently far away) but he didn't attack me again.