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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zildjar's lament

A byebye post to a guildy with whom I go back a long time. He accidentally (?) removed his forum rights so I was unable to say something to him.

A lot of players have stopped playing in my guild. Most of them I can't remember how I met them. I just know they are there and I know who they are. Not Zildjar though. I remember meeting him explicitly.

So most of you wonder who this Zildjar is.
Armory link
He's a rogue and I met him in Vanilla. He was leveling while I was leveling my druid. He followed kind of the same road as I did. I was a healer back then so the best way for me to level was doing instances. I met him a lot. He was always 1 or 2 levels higher then me. I wanted to overtake him and hit 60 before he did, but he didn't let me.

When I was about level 40 I was bored of leveling without guild, I remembered Zild's tabard. It was black and I liked that so I asked him if I could join. My intention was to have a leveling guild, rather then a raiding guild at that time, though I never had to change guilds to get my raiding hours. A simple whisper to the guildleader of Brotherhood of Thrall was enough to get an invite.
One day later we merged with Nordic Chapter, keeping their name. Together we raided and when blizzard released all HWL gear for honor grinders we were about to hit BWL but never entered because we could not get the people needed.

In TBC we were still casual and we were raiding Kara (4 bosses in or so). The name Nordic Chapter was not RP apparently (???) and instead of choosing a new name, without much warning the guild split.
Difficult time because there were 2 guilds formed. I had to choose between friends. Zild wasn't one I considered in that (though he choose the same guild), but eventually I choose The Esoteric Foundation. We were an RP guild (lol) but later went hardcore raiding climbing up from server position 50 to 5 within the remainder of TBC.

Zildjar was known by many things. Glaiveboy (having a warglaive) was one of the first. The later one; Zild-can't stay alive-jar, because he used to go all out on trash and tank them while he could not :D
Later he conspired with other members to divert that name to Grunee by constantly misdirecting to him :D.

Grunee, who also stopped raiding, is a whole different story all together. In short; he is a DPS warrior, who used to be MT in TBC and got famous for constantly falling off the platforms at the Al'ar fight resulting in a wipe.

Anyway Zildjar now stopped and I just wanted to thank him for all the countless hours we spent together and I wish him all the best in a wow-less life.

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