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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I hope...

Apparently the bitching got through to Blizzard.

The current normal/heroic/hardmode shit is fucked and people hate it. Well at least some people. Well at least me (and Darksend).

This is what I found on my guild's forum. Posted by my guildmaster:

"Blizzard is getting ready to put the next raids on PTR, they're going to be the Crusader's Coliseum and they'll have an interesting twist to them. For the first time, we'll now see Heroic 25 man raids and Normal 25 man raids. Massive LFG-confusion is sure to ensue, but this is the list:

10-man Heroic
25-man Heroic

I hope this means no longer hardmode/normal mode. I hope there will be different loot tables for each as well! We will see t9.10n and t9.10h, t9.25n, t9.25h.
I hope, I hope... So now (I hope) when you kill hardmode 25 you will be looking not the same as every (possible) noob out there. This also means people can still experience the game content. I hardcore raiders will be a lot more satisfied.

He goes on; quote:
"The new system in the coliseum is interesting, in Heroic Modes you get rewarded based on how few tries you use to kill a certain boss. You only have X pulls every week, and the sooner you kill the boss the better/more rewards (loot too, I assume) you get."

This means that say there is a boss like Flame Leviathan is now in Ulduar. And say it is way too hard. You can't get past him. After 6 (?) tries or so he will be gone. You can move on to the next boss.
Also this means that any group of green wearing level 80 players can see every fight (for a short period before they die) in a week and get 0 loot, still having seen the end boss.
I think that is fair. Good Idea from Blizzard. Everyone can learn all the fights easy mode (normal). When you go hardmode (heroic), after having done it in easy mode it will not fuck up the loot you get in reference to gearing players. This means that the problem blizzard had before is solved.

Example: You are able to kill boss 1 in an instance every week, but boss 2 needs some work. There is 4 (?) loots every week. That sucks for gearing people. You need to farm the first few bosses for weeks before you are geared to take the last one.
People used to solve that by farming trash. Go into Sunwell, kill the first pack of trash, loot it, get out, reset, go in and kill trash again. Dropping a few recipes, a few things needed to craft stuff and maybe a trash epic.

Now you can still get upgrades by killing it on normal (easy) mode. Then you can try and get some loot from hardmodes.

This all leads me to conclude there are no hardmodes. There are still achievements, though no hardmodes. Trying for hardmodes will require "wipenights". Those are definitely gone. After x tries the boss is gone. So if loot is gonna drop 6 (?) items for a oneshot and 1 (?) on the last possible try this means the following; Doing hardmodes fucks you over! Hardmodes need a few things; skill and gear. If you decide to do hardmodes early on you will not get gear. Others who decide to do hardmodes in week 10 will get lots and lots of loot and then do the hardmode easy in said week 10, where the ones trying hardmode from the beginning get no gear.

I hope Blizzard has seen the light. Achievements in raids suck. Achievements to get 100 horsies is nice, but don't integrate them as a requirement into PVE.

I hope... I hope...

Remember, this is hearsay from PTR which is not even "live" on PTR yet. So all may change, but I think it will change for the better.... I hope


  1. I think the overall point is that the Heroic versions of 10/25 are the hard modes, no option to not do hard once you are in the Heroic Dungeon. That way people can't wus out cause Boss X is tough and we just aren't on our game tonight. I also don't think it means that you get to move on after you wipe on Boss X to get to Boss Y, I think it means that your done after a few wipes.. too bad, come back when you have skill and gear from the EZ mode Bosses.

  2. I don't think so. But then again that is me. Here is why;
    The trouble with hardmodes is that people don't do them enough. Blizzard gets no data on the hardmodes and doesn't know if they are too hard.

    Take Flame Leviathan. It's hardmode, 4 towers was really hard. I am not saying it was not doable, I am only saying it was way to hard to be the first hardmode in the instance. People would not spent enough time on it for blizzard to study. Also there are 100 Flame leviathan fights going on at some points. Which fight to watch? When do you really know when someone is doing a hardmode?
    On PTR the game developers are actually there watching you try and fail, reporting back and fixing the fights. The same I think is done on live data. Hence the nerfs.

    My point is that when you do 25 heroic there is always hardmode. And all tries are really good tries, nobody really slacking because you only have a few tries. Great study matherial.

    Then after the boss is gone you say Blizzard goes like: you failed, fuck you!
    Which they won't. Because saying fuck you means they will fuck themselves. They will not get any information on other bosses, meaning it can't be fixed.

    One thing I should mention; I also think you can not do 25 heroic if you haven't done 25 normal. Similar to you can't do Malygos if you haven't killed the other dragon in Naxx (I always forget his name).
    So doing 25 heroic, and skipping from boss to boss without actually killing them is only possible if you indeed have killed the last boss in normal already. It is not as if you can do it right away. So the part I said about 25 greenies should be 1 guys clearing normal + 24 greenies.

    Though I haven't read anything about it yet and I am just guessing. "The world (of Warcraft) according to Monedula" :D