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Friday, June 19, 2009

Quick balance update

Balance results.

Not raided yet, just been trying on a heroic target dummy. At the moment (only me) I have 2.9k dps on the dummy and non stop casting (no out of 5sr) I last about 7 minutes.

Is that ok? (Not using treants though)
Basically I spam wrath till eclipse, then starfire for the duration of eclipse. Then 3 or 4 more starfires (depending on when I have to refresh my dots), followed by wrath spam again.

I want one thing though, I want to see when eclipse is off cooldown. Meaning when I should stop starfire because I want the eclipse that is triggered by wrath, not the one triggered by starfire.

PS, on general vezax today I did 5.9k DPS and at some point was at 107% of the DK tank's threat :P We can use a bit of a nerf (patchnotes).


  1. Download the squawk and awe addon for Eclipse timer.

  2. Don;t you mean ShotAndAwe? Or is to no curse addon?

  3. Glad you're finding what you like. Hope you enjoy being a Boomkin. ^_^

  4. Squawk and Awe is only at WoWInterace. It was never put on Curse, but it's very handy for moonkin.