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Friday, June 5, 2009

Blizzard finally agrees. Allieds suck!

New catform lol.

Sorry to all you nightelves out there. About half of you play nightelves. Being Tauren I naturally hate allies for how pathetic they are when they have to kill me on an escort quest, fishing or whatever. I am sure a lot of you on pvp realms think the same about horde, though I am pretty sure a lot of kids play more allied and are more childish the horde. Though you nightelves think the same about horde ;)

[don't take this comment serious]

Anyway, WoW will be a lot more funny when 3.2 comes. I will laugh being ganked by a feral druid. My first reaction when I saw your catforms: "WHAHA! Your cats look gay!" (no offense to gay people).

Now still when I look at your catforms I am laughing my fat cow ass off. Putting a picture here just for the fun. Haha you are so hard screwed with these forms. If I were you I would petition blizzard not to change nelf druid form at all. I would prefer the old one over the new ones.


Oh forget snicker.... MOEWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAA

Seriously though, I pitty you... WHAHAHAH


  1. I am so sorry for this post. All allies now tell me how hard Taurens suck. I can take it.

  2. I originally rolled a night elf because I liked it's cat form better than the tauren equivalent. Although this might not be as much the case in the future. I'll stick with what I have.

    But, in all seriousness I like em. Although the sitting model seems a bit sad in this angle. I think when seen in game these will look very slick. I think most people's reaction to these forms comes after the very masculine tauren forms, which makes these more feline NE forms seem somewhat queer.

    All in all, i'm looking forward seeing all these new bear and cat models come 3.2 (both NE and tauren). It'll be an interesting experience :P

    PS. Tauren caster form still sucks, next project? :P
    (Last line intended as joke(not sure how well it comes out in writing))

  3. Shhhh, we've (tauren druids) been thinking it, but don't say it out loud - blizz might fix it!

    Oh how the Night elves love their shiny pink balls and leather wrist cuffs ;)


  4. I don't get why you don't like these cats.
    Only problem i have is that some look to much the same. But it's still a great cat.

    I just hope that my hair will match the one i like most :)

  5. If your Nelf has white hair there is a good chance I think your cat will be white and have a pink mohawk.

    Mr. T Rules!

  6. Balls hanging from my neck, wth -.-

  7. "My first reaction when I saw your catforms: "WHAHA! Your cats look gay!"

    like exactly the same as what i thought.
    spent the rest of the evening /lol"ing those nelf druids on my server

  8. It's Monedula's girlfriend here :)

    I thought I'd finally contribute something to Mone's blog here, and add a female point of view ^^,

    New Tauren catforms = Masculine and very well designed.

    New Night Elf catforms = Feminine and very well designed.

    That said, I always used to be jealous of night elf druids for their kittyform, as soon as the new patch goes live that's going to end. Although I do love their new forms as much as ours :)

  9. Marino, don't forget that the NE druids do not have to switch out - they can retain their old look (which is far more masculine than the new forms). Likewise, Tauren druids can keep their old form too - although I doubt very much any would. Since I have at least one of each faction, I can be choosy!

  10. @ anon:

    Are you sure? Where did you read this?