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Monday, July 13, 2009

The train is leaving the station

After I quit 2 weeks ago it has been 4 or 5 others who left a few days after (probably not due to my leaving though). Today there are 5 messages on the forum of people leaving including an officer and main raider.

Looks to me the guild is done for and dead. It held for 2.5 years or so. Pretty nice what we did accomplish though. We came from position 50 and it took to Ulduar to show the server how good we were. 3 server first kills and all horde first.

That was in some way I think the last drop for the guild though. We did what we wanted to do. No real goals left. WotLK raiding setup where you kill all in week 1 or 2 is sucky at best (you know my standpoint on that). So there is nothing left for us... well that is how a lot of people feel.

So a premature RIP for The Esoteric Foundation from me. Premature but in my opinion inevitable.


  1. Sorry to hear you quit...good luck to you in your other pursuits.

  2. Well let me rephrase it. I didn't quit.... yet...
    I haven;t found the need to log in in over 2 weeks though. I quit raiding though. Well at least I quit being a hard core raider. 2 weeks ago definitely though.

  3. That's how it begins Marino, why do you think i haven't posted anything anymore either -.- Didn't feel any incentive to log on at all, at least untill 3.2 so i can play around a bit with the new forms